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The Maroon and White will get red hot white tomorrow, as most the shore elite players and teams will make their way back tomorrow. The college coaches and players from Maryland and Pa will also be back in full force tomorrow… at least the smart ones will back. I took in the 11.30 games today and was very surprised and happy.


First I had a chance to watch Pascack Valley and TRN play. While TRN with all their star babies will one day be a Top Ten team, for me this was a chance for me to revisit watching one of the best coaches Period. Now as a former D1 coach for 25 years, let me be clear, Jeff Jasper is flat out one of the best coaches I have ever seen. I put him in the same class as Hall of Famers Morgan Wooten and Bob Hurley, because he is that good. Pascack Valley reminds me of the good ole days. This was a team with not enough seats on the bench for the players. It appeared every player connected to the program was brought along in order to make everyone feel part of the program. Then I got a chance to watch Jeff Jasper do what I saw him do to RFH in the state Group 2 final a few years ago. His team ran down every loose ball, they made the extra pass all day. Then they did something that I believe is the identity of the program and reflex’s their head coach. They play with a purpose and IQ which was almost at times downright scary. Every parent, player and AAU coach would be wise to take a moment and watch this man’s team play. Your child will see how the game should be played, young coaches will understand how to conduct themselves and see what a master teacher looks like. But what I love most was after the game, there he was with the TRN coaching staff heaping praise on the TRN kids, while still discussing and teaching the game. Folks I got chills because the man was sweating and full of energy the entire time… This is a real GIANT AMONG COACHES…FOLKS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY and GO WATCH THIS MAN WORK….OR SHALL I SAY TEACH.


The other thing that jumped out at me was Manasquan. Folks if anyone is beating Manasquan this year, they better bring their A++ game because this could be the best high school team in AMERICA. The Manasquan 2nd five would be a Top Ten in the Shore. Folks Lisa Kukoda, will know what former RFH coach George Sourlis felt like. Sometimes too much talent is not an easy thing. Former Colts Neck star Lola Mullaney has joined the Manasquan team and she instantly give them another D1 player and stud who can not only score but take over games. But it’s the Nikki Stevens, and Mako’s that most don’t know about for example that is going to break teams hearts. I am not sure how anymore is going to match-up with this powerhouse crew…folks Victoria Galvan is coming back and I believe she is the 2nd best post player in the shore… Today was scary because Dara Mabrey and Faith Masonius were not even on the bench.


Don’t ask me how a college coach could attend Maroon and White today and not stick around for tomorrow, when all the big dogs come back. But without trying to sound like a know it all, this is where the women’s recruiting game is light years behind the men. I ran into a few coaches and asked are they coming to Maroon and White and then Elite and they said “no”, I can only laugh…coaches it’s about building relationships. All take and no give is short term vision…. It should be a big day of hoops tomorrow…MAROON AND WHITE FOLLOWED BY ACADEMIC ELITE…YOU CAN WATCH BOTH AND NOT MISS A SECOND OF THE ACTION….NOT A BAD WAY FOR COACHES AND PLAYERS TO END THE SUMMER


UPDATE…Take the weekend off and then get to NBS on Monday…or you can just rest your legs….lol

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