Mistakes Made in July and Entering College

There is no doubt that spring and summer are very important months to any player’s readiness for college or the July recruiting period. Many times players have the work ethic and the desire to improve or get ready for that first season of college basketball. But often times, players make the same mistakes that others have made over and over again. So today I will list the most common mistakes by players getting ready for the July recruiting period and for their freshman year of college…..It ain’t rocket science folks!



1.TOO MUCH WORK OFF THE COURT Too often players spend time in the weight room and with speed and conditioning while taking time away from their skill development. It’s okay to be bigger, stronger and quicker. But if you can’t dibble the ball, what good is it? If a player has a decision on what area to make a sacrifice, in regards to time, it should never be on the skill end.

2. CARDIO-CONDITIONThere is basketball shape and then there is summer basketball shape. I cannot tell you the number of players in July who fall apart during the summer. Many simply are not in good enough shape to play so many in games in such a short period of time. Many players skip days or play poorly as the July recruiting period get to the final 4 -5 days.

3. CHANGING HABITS TOO QUICKLYPlayers changing their workout habits, eating habits and social habits right before the recruiting period is one of the most common things players do before the recruiting period. Often times the player doesn’t realize their time schedule has changed. The sleeping habits, the school habits and over-all daily routine. This process of change must take place over months, not weeks or days. It most often leads to injuries and tired players.

4. WORKING ON THE WRONG SKILL SETS This is for my money the biggest mistake kids make. The under-sized post player for example working all spring on dribbling and shooting three’s to try and prove they are a small forward. The point guard spending all spring working on thee point shots, not realizing that college coaches love their ability to get in the lane and this is what has perked their interest. Knowing your strengths and not playing to them is a huge mistake many kids make.

5. FAILURE TO SET THE TABLEThere is nothing more important, than name recognition prior to the recruiting period. So many players are either afraid or not sure how to get their name in front of coaches. So often players go out in July and find that coaches are not paying attention or for that matter simply don’t know the player. Once a coach knows a player’s name, 99% of the times they will give the player a look.

6. TOO MUCH REST VS. NOT ENOUGH PLAYING This is the fine line that everyone has to walk. If a player plays too much they are taking a chance with injury or fatigue catching up with them. Then if a player does not play enough or takes too many days off, their body doesn’t know how to respond to fatigue during the long summer recruiting period. There is nothing worse than the kid who plays every weekend, but just as bad is the player who says, “ I played all weekend, so I’m skipping workouts today.” I see both every year….

*by the way – another reason college coaches should be allowed out all year, so they can learn more about kids and their work ethic.

7. NOT KNOWING THE RULES OF RECRUITINGYou would be amazed at how many kids and parents don’t understand the recruiting rules. Like when a coach can and cannot call, when a prospect can and cannot visit a school. Many players don’t know the recruiting contacts and evaluation dates. Not being educated about the recruiting rules is the one mistake I find almost unforgivable.





1. NOT GETTING IN THE GYMThis is easily the biggest mistake college bound players make. Many believe shooting about a few days a week and playing pickup will get them ready for college. What many don’t realize in college you practice 6 days a week for up to 4 hours a day with film sessions added.

2. NOT KNOWING WHAT THERE FUTURE COACH EXPECTSMany players have no idea what their future coach expects before they arrive. They often don’t know running times are expected, what weight room numbers are expected and even worst what skills sets they need to improve before arrival.

3. NOT KNOWING TEAMS PHILOSOPHY Many seniors never don’t know there future teams offensive and defensive philosophy. They don’t know how they will be used, not the recruiting talk on how they are going to be used…but the real way. Many times players don’t know the strengths and weakness of their future teammates…why? THEY NEVER WATCH FILM BEFORE TO ATTENDING COLLEGE.


4.NOT KNOWING HOW TO LIVE ON THERE Many kids are not responsible and are not prepared to balance social life, basketball and school. Many are used to their parents doing everything for them. From getting them to places on time to eating the right meals. The time to learn such things is before they get to college. Many times the first time a player gets freedom they go wild. Many find parties more important than getting ready for an athletic and education career.

5. NOT READY TO BALANCE BASKETBALL WITH ACADEMICS So often players do not start managing their time before college. They don’t learn how to balance the studying with the basketball. In college they go hand in hand, and the time to learn how to do this is before a player arrives on campus

6. ATTITUDEThis cannot be overstated, player’s body language, tone of voice and facial expressions can RUIN a relationship with a coach quickly. Most players on every college team was a starter or a star in high school. College coaches try to lay the law down from day one and players not responding often leads to bad relationships.


7. EGOS/ SATISFACTION Players showing up and expecting to play based on reputation is a HUGE MISTAKE. Some players feel satisfied just getting a scholarship and thinking they have made it. In both cases it’s a mistake because scholarships are year to year. No coach likes lazy players or players who think they are better than they are. No coach wants players who think they have made…





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