This is a story about what happens when a young person puts their mind to be something special. This is a story about what happens when a young person out works the competition. This is a story about when you’re an afterthought one stays the course and put their focus on what matters most…GETTING BETTER…AND RIGHT NOW MOLLY WEISS IS BETTER THAN A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE.


If anyone would have told me 3 years ago that I be sitting here at my computer and saying Molly Weiss just might be the most prepared point guard to play at the next level in the shore right now, I would’ve said they were nuts. But folks right now she is in the conversation. I see them all and watch them play against each other. Molly Weiss may not have entered the shore with a big reputation, but she has certainly by passed a lot of players who are moving on to the D1 level and most would never know it. But most don’t see them play as much as I do. I see the killers in the gym, NBS is place where ego’s get busted and reputations take a beating. It’s a place some players with reputations duck, I don’t blame them. Because we live in a time where reputations sometimes can open doors more than ones games. In case of Molly Weiss she has proven that having game is way more IMPORTANT than reputation. Because the games always catches up with the reputation. Right now Molly Weiss is creating a reputation as one of the best floor generals I know.


You look at her and you think she is in junior high school. Her smile and friendly approach; I am sure even throws college coaches off I’m sure. You don’t know if what you seeing is real. Until you see her against top competition. I watch a skinny wire like young lady on the court and I say, she’s not strong enough or tall enough. But then you watch tear apart some of the best point guards in the state, you go…its makes no sense. But nothing about Molly Weiss makes sense, she has shooting range that defies logic. Her range is 25 ft. and you wonder how she can shoot from such distance. Recently former Colgate Head Coach and DePaul assistant Coach Nikki Hayes watched her in a pickup game and just keep shaking her head. NOBODY in the state of New Jersey runs pick and roll and feeds the post like Molly Weiss….NOBODY! It what’s makes her so tough, her IQ is simply special. She can shoot THE DEEP 3 off the screen, feed the roll or drive and kick…folks this is real next level stuff. But you look at the baby face and the frame and go…HOW? It’s simple she has out worked so many others over the past 3 years. She has jumped over them as a player…now her reputation is catching up with game.


Molly Weiss also caught a break during her high school years. First it has been the golden era of point guards the last 4 years. There have been over 15 point D1 point guards in the shore. Molly Weiss has done battle with just about all of them. She has also begun to fill out physically. She has gotten stronger, not thicker, but stronger and this had made a huge different. Then her high school coach played what could be the 4 toughest schedule in the state of New Jersey. Molly Weiss last year saw nothing but the best of the best teams and players. It seemed Marlboro played a Top 10 team every week. She also proved while reputations are great for awards and media. It’s what goes on between the lines that matters most. They year Molly Weiss took a lot of high profile D1 players to the wood shed folks. I was there when she single handed tried to beat the Top 10 Neptune team with  Dezzy Allen….who just happens to be a teammate now with the Martorelli Hawks. Her AAU team is one of the best around.


Now Molly Weiss of Marlboro High School will hit the summer circuit and trust me college coaches are going to scratch their heads. It’s just not going to make sense, there not going to be sure if what they are watching is real. The picture is not going to fit the story. Let me explain something that may help these coaches. We had 11 D1 point guards at NBS this year. I will tell you that Molly Weiss would not take a back seat to one of them. They will all be playing on  D1 rosters this year. While Molly Weiss will be putting the finishing touches on how to turn yourself into a D1 guard. It requires hard work and focus, it means stop worrying about recruiting and get in the gym and one more thing it requires….OUT WORKING OTHERS…..THATS HOW YOUR SEPRATE YOURSELF…and its why Molly Weiss right now is growing in stature and just may be the apple of every coaches eye who wants a WINNING POINT GUARD!





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