Tomorrow a big day for many kids across the country. They will fulfill there dreams of playing in college. The families of these kids will be smiling all day. But there is another side to signing day. The kids and families who will not celebrate. These are the kids and families who have made many of the same sacrifices of those who will sign letters of intent..only to have to stand on the sidelines. It’s these kids who have to make a decision this morning…Do I chase the dream or move on.


Tomorrow they will smile and in most cases they will be truly happy, as players they have played with and against will be taking pictures and being the center of attention. But inside the parents and the players who are not taking those pictures will have a small hole in there heart. They have sweated, they made all the sacrifices and yet will not be rewarded tomorrow. They will be secretly in pain not because others were fulfilling there DREAMS. These are not the haters who simply resent others for having a measure of success. Rather these are the kids and parents who simply want to part of the big day and be rewarded for their hard work as well. It’s a scene that takes place every single year across the country. A talented player being over looked and not part of the big day… known as the national signing day. It’s a day when these players and families on the outside must muster up the strength of a ancient warrior because two things happen on national signing day. DREAMS DIE OR THEY LIVE ON.  There is no in-between, REAL decisions are made by seniors on this day…either SAID WITH WORDS OR HIDDEN IN THE HEART. 


The MAYFIELD never stopped DREAMING!

Catlin Carroll watched last year as friends and AAU TEAMMATES  took pictures and signed letters of intent. She smiled but in heart had hopes of signing a LETTER OF INTENT as well.  It was then she and her  family  found out what real athletic pressure feels like. The decision they had to make was no different than a kid waiting on a D3 school acceptance letter or a kid hoping and needing that D2 scholarship… The question she and her family had to answer was… did they still have any fight left to chase their DREAMS? Today we all know the answer to that question, Catlin Carroll is at D1 St. Francis and in the playing rotation. This after turning down D2 offers all year with no promises down the road. Two years ago Janae Mayfield now at St. Peters was in the same spot. These ladies beat the odds and had a belief in themselves that one must have to make a dream come true….REGARDLESS of what the level a player wants to play, tomorrow is decision day for a lot of seniors...continue to DREAM OR WAKE UP.


It was a long road for Catlin Carroll to the D1 Level

Many kids EGO’S  will be hurt tomorrow. Their pride hurt, they will wonder if there dreams are over. They will know many of the girls signing are no more talented than them. They will feel some people have let them down and this couldn’t be happening. They will have many doubts about the future. But somehow though all pain and disappointment, some brave kids, some special kids spirits will not be totally broken. They won’t tell the lies to themselves that so often happens when people see dreams slipping away. They won’t make the excuses that go along with dreams slipping away. They like hundreds before them will decided a dream is worth fighting for. They will decided too work harder, sweat more and most importantly… DREAM MORE when everything points to doing the total opposite. Tomorrow some kids will need to have that same mental fortitude because if they don’t their DREAMS WILL DIE.


Dreams don’t all come true on the same day and there is no day that proves this more than the national signing day. Dreams don’t all come true on your time table, they come true when it’s time and nobody knows that time. Even national signing day cannot control when dreams come true. Dreams work on their own time table. This is the BIGGEST reason so many kids give up on their DREAMS; the time table doesn’t fit there schedule. It’s the reason the training stops, it just becomes too hard to continue. It’s the reason dreams become fuzzy and not as clear. It’s because of that unpredictable time table why players get discouraged. It’s that time table why players, friends and family all talk about how great settling is and how wonderful other opportunities will be. It’s that’s time table that causes players to start talking about walls and how others are stopping them, ruining or not giving them a opportunity. It’s a time when parents get angry and kids stop fighting. 

These are the reasons the fire in the belly dies, it’s the reason some pretend to be happy, knowing they are giving up on a DREAM. They simply can’t play it out to the end; they just can’t believe anymore. They have chased the DREAM TOO LONG.  There can no longer see the rainbow at the end of the journey…IT’S QUITTING TIME… because the journey has become too long and too painful. Kids like Janae Mayfield, Catlin Carroll and Tiffany Montange and others over the years all had something else in common, along the way they had to make a choice……..DREAM… OR MOVE ON AND FACE REALITY…..THEY CHOSE TO DREAM!


Tomorrow some kids will  look in the mirror. They will see examples of those in their shoes in the past, those who beat the odds. They will see Jess Louro, who every  low D1 in the state passed on and is now at Middle Tennessee. They will see Kristen Sharkey who nobody believed in who now holds too many records at Buffalo U to count. They saw Megan McGuinness who now plays basketball for a living after breaking records at Niagara. They will see Kaitlyn Smid who led all levels of college basketball in asst/TO ratio at Philly Sciences.  They will allow those ghost of the past to be their fuel for success.  They will say failure is was not option for them and won’t be for me. They will understand success is right around the corner…it’s just walking a little slower these days. They will understand mistakes happen and understand their DREAMS, hopes and fulfillment are waiting ahead of them. These kids KNOW THEY CONTROL THERE DESTINY. They will have no regrets when all is said and done because they will have fought the good LONG fight till the end….REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME

Tomorrow some kids will make up their minds after being passed over and forgotten to continue their DREAMS. They will REFUSE TO LOSE, they will refuse to wake up, they will drink the cool-aid and love it, they will play it out till the last month, day, hour and second…..and because of this…. SOME KIDS…SOME VERY SPECIAL KIDS…. WILL MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE…THIS IS A FACT!




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