images[1]There is no question in my mind that this year we have more players on the D1 fence THAN EVER. Most years in the Shore you can guarantee that 15-20 players will sign with a Division one basketball school. That is not the case this coming season. This year the Shore most likely will have its smallest D1 class in years, UNLESSS SOME KIDS GET OFF THE FENCE!


Screen-Shot-2015-04-21-at-11.34.34-AM[1]MAYFIELD GOT IT DONE!

There is a number of reasons why this may be the smallest D1 class in recent years. None bigger than the talent in the rising sophomore and Junior classes. These two classes are stacked and next years freshman class is maybe deeper than this years. These talented babies have taken away playing time and the spotlight from some really talented players. There also are a few rising seniors who have not developed the way many thought they would. It happens and its nothing new and now these players on the fence will need to step up. Last year Janae Mayfield and Courtney Hagaman were players on the fence. This year they both signed D1 scholarships. Being on the fence is tricky business.

BsI1gopIgAAk2Dw[1] There is no bigger lock than EVANS!

When a player wants to pursue Division one basketball, they fall into two category’s. There are the D1 locks, you know the kids who have offers already or it pretty clear to everyone they will have a offer at some point. Hannah Scanlon for example is a future D1 lock. It doesn’t take much to figure that one out. I spoke to a Big East coach this morning and he said to me, I don’t think we will be able to touch Christina DiCindio in 2 years. I said that’s why you should offer her now. He said most likely he would get around to it in July. You see these two young ladies for example are both bound for D1 basketball. Jen Louro, Tori  Hyduke and Kimi Evans are other examples. There is zero question about there futures. Now others road may not so easy.

When a player is on the D1 fence many things come into play. Like if a D2 school offers, do they take it? What if a D1 school they don’t like offers them, what do they do? Take the offer or wait around for something better? What if a D1 school tells them, they are a 2nd choice, do they wait and maybe be left holding the bag?  Then there is the little thing about developing because sometimes players don’t develop and simply are not good enough in the end. Trying to get off the D1 fence is not easy, because the decision making process is just as important as the talent.

imgres11[1] Hagaman stood tough and got the last laugh

I believe players have the ability to play one level up or down based on there talent level. I also believe that many kids don’t understand there ability or what level player they are. I often hear people say Tiny you call everyone a D1 player. Well I’m still waiting for someone to show me a case when I have been wrong. Getting to the D1 level takes work and I mean a lot of work. This is the difference between getting over the fence and not. Because trying to get to this level is a full time job and for the players on the fence its risky business.


It’s takes real mental toughness both on and off the court when you are sitting on the D1 fence. You can wait too long and lose out on a free education. You can jump to quick and lose out on a dream. Janae Mayfield and Courtney Hagaman both were kids who had D2 offers but knew in their hearts they were D1 players. They both did two things I always say to kids…they stopped worrying about the  recruiting process and they focused on just getting better. I told both to live in the gym and tune out the recruiting noise. Both did exactly this and interestingly it carried over to the spring. Both have been living in the gym preparing for their freshman seasons….THEY CEARLY ARE GOING TO REWARD THEIR FUTURE COLLEGE COACHES for recruiting them. Both were also talented players who were rarely recognized by media and fans…But as always, coaches know best! The lesson these two gave to future fence sitters, is forget stats and what you read in the paper or a blog….GET BETTER!



So this year the Shore Conference will either have it smallest D1 class in recent history or we will have some fence sitters keep the Shore Conference tradition alive and represent over 60% of the D1 players in the state. It’s going to take a lot of work, but like all shore kids my guess is that they will get it done.





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