Happy Fathers Day to all and to those who fathers that are no longer with us. The memories of all the good times with our dads are seared in out minds forever. This week many players will start there high school basketball careers. It’s an exciting and nervous time for all.

To the players here is what I say. Remember this is going to go fast, but it starts out slow. Know that many of your new teammates wore that uniform before you. Please respect that, regardless if they are the best or worst player on the team. Know that being part of a team and the relationships you make will be what you’ll remember most. Be humble and  know the best thing you can do to help your team is  BE A GREAT TEAMMATE

*There are role models for every player entering high school. There is a blue print right in front of your eyes…

MEGAN MCU I hope every player has the work ethic of Megan McGuinness, who gave 100% every time she was in the gym. She never made an excuse on or off the court. She won a academic scholarship over seas after college…she was a honor student every year of her educational life, while being one of the best players ever. She became a superstar though hard work and out working those with more talent and bigger reputations…she proved a BIG HEART  can make you special and unforgettable.

TINA I hope every player has the character of Tina LeBron, who never gave up on her dreams, even when she was a after thought. Nobody thought 4 years ago, she would be a superstar and become an All Shore Player. She did all this after a ACL injury while being casted aside by so many. She didn’t need to have D1 listed next to her name to prove to everyone, she was one of the best…PERIOD!  She was why we all believe…BIG SHOT TINA WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

GIGI I hope ever player tires to be the angel  GiGi Caponegro and her amazing family were. She and her family were  real teammates. GiGi made sacrifices no young person should have been asked to do. She gave up personal glory for her teammates and it paid off in the end. She did all this while being in the shadows and it was her hard work in the summer, when nobody was watching that maybe was the key to SJV’s dream season. She and her parents proved you don’t have to walk over friends and teammates to live your dreams.

KARCZI hope every player has the honesty of Stephanie Karcz, a player who was a superstar but honestly cared about only her teammates and coaches. She never cared about media attention, records or awards. It’s why we all loved her so much. She reminded us that it not just about basketball but more about having good  friends and happiness. Stephanie Karcz proved being a superstar doesn’t mean you have to be self centered and unwilling to share the spotlight.

SYDI hope when you doubt yourself or your coach doubts you; That you remember  Syd Sabino. She never let anything stop her for fulfilling her dreams. When her high school career appeared it would be a road block . She rose above the disappoints and bet on herself and found that inner strength and confidence that is in EVERYONE.  Now she  is a D1 player. Syd Sabino proved when things don’t go your way, mean your dreams have to go away….if you continue to work hard and believe in yourself….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE


I hope every player entering high school, steals all these traits from these players. Yes they were great players, but they were better people and it all started with there parents who BELIEVED IN THEM 

I wish every player good luck as they embark on their journey. Know there will be high’s and low’s. It’s what makes high school sports special. Don’t worry about awards and media attention. These things will mean nothing in 10 years. You, your family and friends will not remember or care how many times Tiny Green wrote about you. You won’t care about MVP or Awards. Be true to your sport and work at your game. Be respectful to your coaches always, even if you disagree with them. PLEASE SHARE your basketball day with your parents, they love you and just want to share the experience with you….though your words.

Please don’t think your summer practices will win you time next year. The summer is a dance,  a time to learn more about your team and coaches. Please don’t stop training, trying to save yourself for your summer practice. Please go to camps, your development is key to your athletic future. Go to camps in the day, go half a day and when you can a full day…as often as your can. Please continue to get better; there is only on way to do this…..GET IN THE GYM.

Finally your dreams start and end with you…NOBODY ELSE! Chase your dreams to the bitter end 0ver the next 4 years. But worry about today not tomorrow. Remember your education will open more doors than any basketball success could ever do. You will be tempted over the next 4 years, to do things you know are wrong or questionable, if it doesn’t feel right, THEN IT’S NOT RIGHT. Be strong and don’t give in to peer pressure.  Keep your parents in your heart, remember all the sacrifices they made for you. They have your back, so please represent all they have taught you…ALWAYS ACT WISELY. Good luck and enjoy the ride.




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