ROSE Caverly  and SANI Santiago are two players who names are mentioned, when talking about the best. Both are elite guards in the state. But there is a reason why Rose Caverly right now  is one of the most recruited point guards in the “18 class. Rose Caverly is a great of example of putting hard work ahead of all. When she was a incoming freshman I wrote that one day she could be the best point guard in all of New Jersey. She is closing in on becoming just that, these days. Sani Santiago, I have known since she was in diapers, and now she can only be called a diaper dandy. Last season I said she was one of the two best incoming freshman in the entire state. While she had a year every other freshman in the state would dream about. She did not have the over powering freshman year that I predicted. But she still was one of the top 5 babies in the state…expectations are some times not fair.


I doubt a day goes by that a college coach recruiting a point guard, doesn’t bring up the name Rose Caverly. Yes her size, strength and basketball IQ jump off the page. But what does not jump off the page is her work ethic. This the part of her game only her coaches see day in and day out. I have a saying that goes like this ” the hardest thing to do in sports is to show up everyday” make no mistake Rose Caverly SHOWS UP EVERYDAY. What separates Rose from so many other players is her attitude towards teammates  and coaches. This is a young lady that is first to clap, laugh and cheer. It these traits that make her the ultimate floor leader. It’s why, when she gets to college in two years, she will be a major impact player and that my friends is  fact.


Sani Santiago’s big sister was a D1 player at Fairfield U and a vocal leader. Sani was all  that toughness and work ethic, her talented sister had.. EXCEPT MORE. When Sani was little, she would dribble the ball on the sidelines and watch her sister train. She must have picked up a few things, because she the newer better version of her stud sister. There is no point guard in the ’19 class in her world. No guard has the pure shooting talents and insane quickness to go along with the best handle I have seen in years. No guard stops and changes direction like Miss Santiago. She doesn’t have a lot to say, but is the classic lead by example player. She also is that rare player that can beat you up on both sides of the ball. Santiago is nightmare on defense for opposing guards. Her ability to pressure the ball without fouling is nothing short of special for such a young player. There are those who say Sani is not bigger enough to play at a Power 5 school. That I can only laugh at, because you can’t teach the things Sani brings to the table.


There are always going to be very talented players. Those players with that ability to rise above the rest of the talent. Then again there are rare talented players who can take their game to another level and separate themselves from even the best. These players all have something in common, they can overcome a weakness and make it a strength. They understand their is another level to get to as a player; Rose Caverly is such a player. I remember saying to Rose Caverly last year, get in the gym, train more and play less. She nodded her head, that’s what 90% of kids do, they tell you what you what to hear. But Rose Caverly wants to be the best she can be, she has goals and dreams. Last spring, you could not keep Rose Caverly out of the gym and she did two things to get her game to the next level. First she became the best shooter of any guard maybe in the state behind ball screens….WITH RANGE. Rose Caverly behind ball screens is murder and this is a true next level skill, that other guards can dream of having. We couldn’t say this a year ago about Miss Caverly. She is a next shooter and scorer at the rim, start counting how many true points really have these skill sets. While Rose Caverly has always been a great ball handler, she has taken her handle to the next level. Rose Caverly can get to any spot on the floor and she can do it against any defense or player of any style. Now you may understand why college coaches are begging for her services…but what you may not know is this….ROSE CAVERLY IS OUT GROWING THE VERY D1 SCHOOLS RECRUITING HER RIGHT NOW!


I went to see Sani Santiago at a Christmas tournament last year. She played well but was not the dominate player, I knew she could be. I was a little surprised how she did not take over the game. Now you may say she was only a freshman, she did have double figures in the game. But Santiago is no ordinary freshman and I was just a little worried. Then in the spring Sani Santiago switched AAU teams and joined the Masonious Belles. This was a team that had played together for years and had Stella Clark and Addie Masonious in the backcourt. I was worried for Santiago, it’s never easy to join a group that has played together all their lives. But Santiago is no ordinary player and the great ones look better with better players. So Santiago, joined the Belles and it was her back that was issue not her new teammates. Sani could not practice and missed all of the spring, she returned to the Belles in July and while she played well it was clear she was far from 100%. But towards the end of the Summer we all got our first glimpse of what was about to come this fall. The Academic Elite event to the close July was packed with D1 players and coaches, and one person stole the show….Sani Santiago, who put on a show and reminded everyone she was the Badd-est women in the gym. The laser like passes, the pull up jumpers, the pure shot from the three point line and drives to the rim with such control and vision. Santiago reminded everyone that she was that rare talent, that can play at the highest LEVEL OF BASKETBALL, BECAUSE HER TALENT IS SOOOO RARE.


This fall Nasi Santiago was named the NO BOYS ALLOWED MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER. When you get a chance look at the names that played in that event. Sani Santiago is all the way back, she is healthy and her game is at the highest level. When she showed up at NBS, I knew right away she was really to claim her title as the best guard in the ’19 class. She was ready to make her march toward ALL STATE. Santiago has a next level game, MEANING A HIGH MAJOR TYPE GAME.



Rose Caverly has been taking visits to colleges recently. These are  schools who programs, just like her game, she can move to the next level. Rose Caverly has been a winner at every level of basketball. She has rarely not been successful in anything she had done.  She is not just a mega basketball player, but she is a mega student as well. She has the D1 offers now and the real question is who is going to win the Caverly sweepstakes. My advice to all those schools, hope and pray she is open to a early decision, because if you ask me…ROSE CAVERLY IS A HIGH MAJOR STARTING POINT GUARD…

Rose Caverly and Sani Santiago have the one thing all the great have in common…they have a WILL, A MENTAL STRENGHTH AND A DESIRE TO BE THE BEST. My guess is both will never be happy with there games. Real gym rats never do, there always be searching for a edge. That edge that will get them to even another level….THIS WHY THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE!




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