The energizer bunny, the other half of the buzzards and maybe the most enjoyable player in all of New Jersey to watch, has decided to end her recruiting. STELLA CLARK HAS GIVEN A VERBAL COMMITMENT TO NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY.


It may have been the worst keep secret among college recruiters. It seems Stella Clark from the moment she set foot on the Northeastern University campus had here made up her mind; where her next home would be. It offered all the things that she wanted in a school. She found heaven and everyone around her knew this would be her destination. The interest in Stella Clark from college coaches was overwhelming and she did not pick the team with the best record or for that matter the so called best education.

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I had zero conversations with Stella Clark about her future college plans. I passed some information along to her from time to time. She had Ivy League and Patriots schools calling and asking of her interest. She had an offer from one of the best programs on the east coast and showed little interest. Stella Clark wanted a match for college. She wanted a home and a place that she could be herself. She wanted a real connection with her future coach, school and city. These are the things that mattered most to Stella Clark. Not impressing people with a name or how many offers she may have had. Stella Clark is a free spirit and it shows on and off the court. She is not just a basketball player. She is so much more than that. If she wasn’t, rest assure Northeastern would never have any chance of landing such a prize recruit.


Stella Clark has done more in her 3 years as a basketball player, than most will do in an entire career. She was THE HOOP GROUP FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She has played in the state championship 3 years in a row. She has won a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP AND SHORE CONFERNECE CHAMPIONSHIP. Stella Clark has been ALL SHORE…ALL STATE…ALL LEAGUE. She has done it all and she has done it in the best high school girls’ basketball conference in America. But most importantly she has done it without an ego. You see basketball is not the be all and do all in Stella Clark’s life. It’s just part of who she is…it has and never will define her.


Stella Clark like and loves to surf. She loves being near the water. She loves to play the guitar.  She loves to paint her hair different colors. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. She loves to hang out, joke around and take funny pictures with her teammates. When you see the energy and passion she plays with on the court. You cannot believe she is the fun loving kid away from the court. You can’t believe she is the first one that ALWAYS say hi, when she walks in the gym. It’s what makes her special. She has the ability to fit in and enjoy anyone’s company in any setting. It’s called personality. She has more than just about anyone and when she and her cousin Addie Masonius (verbal to Wagner) get together it going to be a fun time. The Northeastern team and fans are getting ready to have a great time. Because they is no more exciting player on a  than court than Stella Clark. Stella Clark brings life to any environment she part of and the entire Northeastern  community is getting ready to reap the benefits.

Some kids love the attention that goes along with recruiting. Stella Clark is not one of the kids, she was not the kid waiting for phone calls. Many schools were asking why she was not returning calls or answering calls. The answer was simple, STELLA CLARK FOUND HER HOME…NORTHEASTERN. She didn’t want schools confusing her and trying to sway her thoughts. I called her Aunt and coach Ellen Mansonius out of concern. But it was clear when her mentor Bob Green took a visit to Northeastern last week to meet with the staff it was done. He knew where Stella Clark and Northeastern’s heart was at… TOGETHER!


Kelly Cole begins her 2nd season at Northeastern University. I would be dishonest, if I said it’s been all smooth riding, since she has taken over. She took over a program that was in disarray. She inherited a team that that went 4-25 in her first year. She suffered some media hits along the way for some staff changes and she had to deal with injuries. Kelly Cole did not get the grace period that all coaches get when they take over a job. But maybe Northeastern knew exactly what they were getting in Cole. Because her team this past season won 15 games and had an 11 game improvement. It’s clear Coach Cole knew what she doing on the recruiting trail as well. Because she just beat a lot of schools with bigger names and bigger reps, to land what is one of the best players in New Jersey; in Stella Clark. It strange but Coach Cole showed a great deal of toughness as the new Head Coach of Northeastern and she just signed the player who many believe is the TOUGHEST PLAYER IN NEW JERSERY….it’s kind of a match made in heaven



Bob Green is a mentor to Stella Clark and it clear she has a special place in his heart for her. My daughter played for Bob Green and he is a task master. Only gym rats and kids who really love our game can play for him. But when Bob Green speaks of Stella Clarke there is a glow in voice, and a sense of pride you have for you own children. Stella Clarke is like a daughter to Bob Green, his faith and confidence in her is 2nd only to love the Stella Clarke feels for him. They are the odd couple, the conservative and unassuming Bob Green and his protégée Stella Clark. One exciting and full of energy. The other quietly going about his job of showing kids they can be special if they are willing to work…They are tied to hip forever, these two, by one thing….TOTAL RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER!



Manasquan’s senior guards both friends and cousins off to play D1 basketball. Lisa Kukoda now has sent 6 players off to the highest level of college basketball. She has done all this in just 3 years. She is working on a HALL OF FAME type career. She has done it by being a mentor and a communicator. She is a role model for not just kids but for all coaches young and old. She is teaching us the heavy handed loud approach is no longer has to be the way. Ellen Mansonius was a great player in her own right. She coaches one of the best AAU non sneakers teams on the east coach. She has one daughter going to Wagner and another daughter going anywhere in the country she pleases one day. But it must be joy watching her niece Stella make such a big life decision. She knows these are not easy things for young people to do. But her belief that it takes a village to raise a basketball player….could not be on more display than it is right now.



Stella Clark is the type of kid every coach wants to coach. She is a gym rat, relates to teammates, can accept tough coaching and most importantly is a winner. That’s why so many so many schools were disappointed they could not truly get in the hunt. The worst keep secret in college basketball is now out in the open…because Stella Clark knew from day one, what was best for her….NORTHEASTERN UNIVERISTY….CONGRATS TO STELLA CLARK AND HER FAMILY….LIFE IS GOOD!

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