shoreshots[1]This past weekend was how a May AAU event shore look. The SHORESHOT SUMMER SHOW DOWN was the perfect event for this time of year. It had all the key ingredients including a comeback. It had top teams, it had talent players in ALL AGE GROUPS, they played games to championships. This event in many ways would have been a great event in July.


Where to start is really not easy because this could be a long blog. But I can’t help but start with one of the best games I have seen in years. Team Miller and The Rebels 9th grade team played what can only be called a war. It was a game loaded with talent across the board. But both coaches had there “A” game on full display. The use of time-outs and in game adjustments was something rarely seen in AAU basketball. This was the most physical game, high school included that I have seen in a very long time. This was not a game for the faint of heart. Cuttering and driving to the lane was a real risk to someone’s health….but here is the key…it was hard clean aggressive basketball.

unnamed[1]The well organized Rebels were led by a 5’11” stud  Seanna McNamara and college coaches if this young lady was in the SHORE CONFERENCE, she would be a household name. Let me tell you about this young lady, she is long and plays with a ton of confidence. Her shooting ability and toughness give her a rare blend of talent in such a young player. She made so many plays that matter with and without the basketball is was truly amazing to watch. If there is ever a future D1 PLAYER this is it. Coaches need I remind you of my track record in such matters…this kid I the REAL DEAL.

unnamed61[1] This game went into overtime and had everyone holding there breath but a couple of things I can promise you and its this…DIAMOND JACKSON is coming to a TOP 5 college next to you one day.

unnamed41[1]ALEXIS ADAMS again is proving she will be one of the best post players in the state one day…college coaches it going to be a recruiting war, so put your hard hat on.

unnamed42[1]Finally the most polished young point guard that I saw was Nicole Johnson, the foot speed insane shooting ability, along with the ability to finish at the rim make her special


This game had so many twist in turns it would take forever, lets just say its going to take a while before we see one like it again. The funny part is this was not the championship game and Team Miller lost to the Comets in the final. They had to go play the championship game right after this war with the REBELS and had nothing and I mean nothing left in the tank…both these programs should take a bow.


The U-17 championship was won by the Chambers Jersey Shore Elite but that was not the story. Let me tell you the real story.

image[1]GiGi Caponegro folks looked every bit like a big time player. Caponegro’s quickness and post play has developed like everyone predicted 3 years ago…I WONDER WHY? Not only did she show drop steps, face ups, up and under moves but she stepped out and knocked down jumpers. She rotated on defense and was just a bear all afternoon. Let me get this on the record right now…CAPONERGO looked like a BCS type post player yesterday and I was shocked yes shocked by her improvement. College coaches the 6’2″ Caponergo has gotten bigger, stronger and smarter, her game transfers right now to the college game, like you will not believe. Congrats to this young lady for taking care of her business and to Mary Beth Chambers for doing it again. But here is what is crazy… Zoe Pero yesterday had me going who the hell is that. The body looks like it was craved out of marble and she still plays so hard your teeth sweat. But coaches wait till you see the new improved ball handling skills and more importantly the passing and ability to finish everything at the rime.  Pero is going to be in high and I am talking in High demand. Both these young ladies in my mind have done what matter most get BETTER…CONGRATS TO BOTH YOUNG LADIES…I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU 

unnamed[1] JSE u17 champs

Now back to this team, now everyone knows Mary Beth Chambers is all about playing the best competition, winning is nice but she wants competition first. On day one JSE took on the Bill McDonough Rebels insanely talented “A” team and pulled off the upset, 54-48. Folks that is as legit as it gets in terms of big wins. Then she took on the Team Miller never say die crew and beat them in the semi in a hotly contested game when Stephanie Karcz made the big plays down the stretch. Folks Karcz is a once in a lifetime rare talent. I think she has to start the year as the Shore Player Of the Year leading Candidate. But make no mistake Payce Lange made it no walk in the park for JSE. Lange a junior from Voorehees high school just flat out plays hard and coaches would be wise to pay attention…Payce if you don’t mind here is a little advice “attend the ACADEMIC ELITE ON JULY 28TH. The Chambers crew knocked off a very talented RUNNING REBELS crew in the back and forth final that knocked off a ShoreShots team by 3 that beat them by double figures a week ago. The Chambers crew is so well coached and it shows from the moment the ball goes up.

unnamed[2] Team Miller 8th Grade Champs

I had a chance to spend some time on Saturday watching the younger kids and talent was very impressive. Tom Brennan 8th grade team is just stacked and they all play basketball the right way. But two things about his team just jumped off the page. First his daughter Isla Brennan is a future D1 player who will be a nice addition to his team next season. Isla length, quickness, vision and off the charts IQ make her unique. There is no question she is a future all shore type player. Then we have the surprise of the weekend. I can assure you most don’t know the name. But 6’1″ Eve Pirie showed she is ready to help Middletown high NEXT YEAR. She plays hard makes 2nd efforts and has great hands. The upside on this young lady is big and she is rapidly becoming a young lady we will need to pay attention too, she was very impressive.

I had a chance to see the Coyle Cardinals again and not much has changed they were a very solid group. It’s going to be real exciting when we see some of the babies in this group play against some top rated kids in the shore. But there is no question the potential is there for these ladies to be GREAT ONE DAY…Once I see them in sharks den on a regular bais I will give you my full thoughts.

B4Izd8XCYAAcIdM[1]Hayley Moore’s development started with hard work

The overall talent in this event was off the charts kids like Tori Hyduke, Hayley Moore (look for my blog on them tomorrow) are future D1 players and its not worth discussing. The Crawford’s twins continue to show they are future stars. The young JSE crew is going to be a tough group by summers end.

B2f0gKECQAEA-_V[1] Holy Cross got steal of steals….

Look Holy Cross getting a verbal from Nicole Morris early is almost embarrassing. Nicole Morris right now looks like one of the best guards in the state folks. Her improved strength naturally and growth spell has made her a dominate player. Too think this young lady is going to be in the Patriot league for 4 years is scary.

unnamed[1]Now that D1 school are chasing Sid Sabino some of the credit has to go to Joe Whalen. Think about what he has done in his 3 years for Kat Phipps and Cindy Napolitano. He used there shooting talents to the max. Now he has done the same thing for Sid Sabino who had 21 points in the semi final game. Whalen runs next level stuff for his shooters and if a kid can shoot they are going to score. Sabino had a excellent weekend and before the summer is over could put up insane numbers.

unnamed[1]Amanda Johnson From Toms River  North put on a show this weekend as the  Mayo/Nicolini led Shoreshots won there Pool. Johnson went off with 5 three’s and is becoming a very confident player. She made plays and Shots with people hanging on her…Now I didn’t say this but a well respected coach told me “she will be better than Kuster(Mt . St. Mary’s) one day…strong words.

unnamed[2] NJ Freedom proved they were the best winning the 7th grade title

While these 7th grade SHORESHOTS  will be household names one day….MOLLY LYNCH, CAMERRON FOLTZ, FABIENNE EGGENSCHWILLER, ALEXA PRUS, but don’t forget their best player this weekend Kate Leturgez. Losing on Saturday opened the door for the NJ Freedom and that’s exactly what the Freedom did.

unnamed[1] Hoops101 won the 6th grade CHAMPIONSHIP

When D1 players Nicole Morris and Kelly Campbell played together as 7th graders it was clear they were special. But 6th grader Sophia Sabino of Rumson and 5th grader Justine Pissott of Toms River just may have them beat at this age. The two babies are so much fun to watch and have big futures. But Hoops 101 basket with 50 seconds left won the title in a well played back and forth game by 1

unnamed[2] ShoreShots 4th Grade Champs

Now just for the record the most  dominate player in the event t by far was a 4th grader. Nicole Melious is from Staten Island and folks we have never ever seen anything like this young talented scorer….

unnamed[1] Mayo/Nicolini 9th grade champs

unnamed[2] Lost in the magic of the Rebel vs Team Miller Semi-Final game is that it was the Comets who won the 1oth grade championship.…A well coached talented group!









Emily Uribe looked great folks zero sign of injury and back on the recruiting boards of a school next to you!





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