This weekend the ShoreShots Summer Showdown took place and it was a total hit from A-Z for basketball fans. This event featured great talent, teams and OUTSTANDING COACHING. The event run by Tracey Sabino was not only well organized but fun and exciting. No question this event has a chance to become a nice stop for D2/D3 coaches in the future.

There were so many positive things to talk about in this event it would take forever. But I will touch on the things that jumped out at me during the weekend. Starting with none bigger that my Team winning its first game of the spring…love you ladies and so proud of you!

The Best Performer of the Weekend had to be Lauren Vostal of Blair Academy/ShoreShots. This young lady stepped up her game BIG TIME. Vostal was great in every area of the game, the 6’1” shooting guard had 5 three pointers in the semi-finals, but that is not what impressed me most. Lauren Vostal’s ability to get to the rim and use her size was a major upgrade to her game. Then she posted smaller guards all weekend and either scored or got fouled. The young lady caped off her weekend with some amazing passing in transition, to the mid major programs and Patriot schools, this kid is legit and great case of a young lady stepping up her game and improving. She was special all weekend…. If she is not on your recruiting list I suggest you add her ASAP…

The BEST TEAM I saw this weekend was easily the Team Miller 8th grade crew. Lead by the Crawford twins, this team is stacked from top to bottom. The 8th grade state champs have size, quickness, speed and fly to the ball. This crew is so impressive that I will make this prediction right now. All five starters are future D1 one players, that every D1 school can start recruiting NOW. ...Nicole Johnson is lighting quick with the ability to kill a team with her 3 point shooting and ability to beat opponents off the dribble. Eve Crawford my friends is just flat out a beast, she is strong and plays so hard it’s almost impossible to believe that someone of this age could be so polished and intense. She has the ability to knock down shots and you simply cannot stop her in transition, this kid is very, very special. Her sister Maryan takes a back seat to nobody, as she can score and defend and rebound against any level of competition. These 3 along with Shanelle Coleman of the Shoreshots gives East Brunswick the best group of 4 players going into high school next year and that includes the Shore Conference. Diamond Miller is a 7th grader who is long and athletic, trust me when I tell you this…she will be a high major player one day. The most interesting player in the group has to be Alexis Adams, this young lady is long and athletic, and her upside is scary folks. She is 6ft who will be a real problem for anyone down the road, I simply believe this kid is going to special one day. Its her effort that will catch the attention of college coaches. She has a quick jump and great hands, she will be attending South Brunswick High School next year and trust me will be a major impact for that school. This kid is clearly a future D1 player and her upside makes her a kid you must follow closely because who knows how good this kid is going to be one day….They crushed everyone this weekend, including the 9th grade Team Miller crew in the Championship…
The Showdown 9th Grad Champs…Team Miller!

The BEST YOUNG TEAM in this event was the State Champion 6th grade ShoreShots. This crew will be a who’s who of shore basketball in 3 years. I have never, ever seen a team this well coached and talented at this age in all my years. They were by far the best passing team in the Summer Showdown and I’m including the older groups in that conversation. They have easily the best young player in the area on their team and are loaded with talented shooters and defenders. The team speed is exceptional and their ability to make great decisions separate them from any team regardless of age. This group features the next generation of great shore players in every position…As expected they won the Championship in their age group.
6th grad
The Sabino ShoreShots won the 6th Grade Championship

CLUTCH PREFORMACE OF WEEKEND has to go to Dayna Sclafani of Team Miller who beat the Whealan Shoreshots in the championship. Now to be fair both teams were missing big pieces to their teams, but the game was intense and well played. But it was Dayna “little things” Sclafani who was the difference in this game. Sclafani took charges, grabbed big rebounds, dived on the floor for 50/50 balls and hit huge shots down the stretch to seal the victory for Team Miller. Sclafani is one of those players whose contributions don’t always show up in the box score, but in a game loaded with D1 players she was the best player on the court….coaches you be wise to watch this young lady closely. Its no surprise to me that she was voted All Conference in Middlesex County this year.
Team Miller Showdown U16 Champs (1)
Dayna Sclafani was brilliant in the championship

PLAYER ON THE RISE, there is no question that George Sourlis of RFH is in for a pleasant surprise when he sees the new and improved Katie Foos. Foos who is all of 5’10” has improved her pace of play and quickness two fold. Ellen Masonius has given this young lady the confidence all kids need and has allowed her to grow as a player. Foos not only is now banging out jumpers but she is very aggressive in her pursuit towards the ball and rebounded in traffic all weekend. Foos whose pace of play has been a issue in the past has put that behind her and now is a kid who looks to be able to give RFH very important minutes next season. It’s always a pleasure to see a young lady improve and she clearly has but the time in to make it happen on the court…BIG PROPS TO ELLEN MASONIOUS for making it happen for this young lady.
Kaite Foos is making a name for herself these days!

Mike Rice ShoreShots came away with the 8th Grade Championship. The Rice team has some talented kids who you will be reading about over the next four years.
8th Grade Champs Rice ShoreShots

DOMINATE TEAM of the weekend was easily the Mary Beth Chambers Machine known as the Central Jersey Hawks. They crushed the REBELS of Philly and did the same thing to their next opponent later in the day. This team is heads and shoulders above any team in the area. Nobody is even in the same class as this group. The Hawks will get a real test next weekend in the Rumble in the Bronx next week.

5th Grade ShoreShots Champs

The ShoreShots summer showdown was a total success based on the faces of the kids and the competition along with the hard work of Tracey Sabino. But I would be wrong not to mention the behavior of the parents at this event. I can say honestly the parents were great all weekend. They cheered loudly and supported their kids and teams. But sometimes we do have a parent who gets out of control. During a game which my team, played a talented team loaded with future D1 players a parent yelled out some insulting words directed at my girls. I shocked by the comments but more importantly saw the hurt on my girls faces. I would’ve had the parent removed right their as the official asked me “does that parent needed to watch the game from the parking lot”. I told the official no because I assumed this parent had a daughter in the game. I would never want a young lady to watch her dad be throw out of the gym. One its embarrassing and most importantly this could big a red flag for college coaches placed on a kid who has done nothing wrong. This should never happen at any event in any sport and when it does the organization must take control. Then I was told that this parent then confronted the director of the event to complained about the competition. A parent should never ever complain or speak for a organization unless they are asked to do so. Organizations must put parents on notice and make sure they know this type of behavior will not be tolerated. In this case I knew the kids on the team as I have trained and known some of them for years. But what if I had not know these kids and their parents? They would BE WRONGLY labeled as out of control parents and poor sports, just because of one parents mistake. Folks please understand that nothing is more scary to a college coach than an out of control parent. It not fair to their children and those around them and their behavior affects other kids and the reputation of the organization. As one of my parents text-ed me, “That parent acted like an animal” by the way the score at the time of the insult….22-1.

LAUREN VOSTAL– SHORESHOTS- no question best player this weekend
NICOLE MORRIS– SHORESSHOTS- is she a major college player? I say maybe
HALEY DOLONZO-WILDCATSS- College coaches buzzing about her…their smart
The Masonius Wildcats won the championship in a war!

STELLAR CLARK- WILDCATS – flat out stud…no other way to put it
MARY TOSSI– TEAM MILLER- I believe she has a real chance to be a D1 player as her shooting improves
JESS LOURO- CJ HAWKS- just dominates in every way…A-10 talent what and see!
MELISSA HEATH– This kid is a winner folks and I love that fact she competes like her life is on the line…LOVE HER!



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