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Hoop Group Skills Camp: Skills II Blog

We just concluded our second Skills Camp of the summer and the first week of our Summer Supersession here in the Pocono’s. We had another great week of basketball, filled with skill development and instruction, game-play, contests and league tournaments, and lectures. Aside from the basketball action, our campers also enjoyed themselves while they cooled off in the pool or relaxed in the game room. Our campers this past week also got to see a variety of international basketball styles from across the world. We had a group of coaches and campers from Ireland, along with campers from France, Montreal, England, and many more! The campers worked hard on the court for the duration of camp and we saw many improve their game and level of play. Michael Jordan once said “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength” and this is applicable to our skill development sessions with campers. Our coaches evaluate their players and then use skill development sessions to help develop specific areas of their game, including shooting, ball-handling, transition (offense and/or defense), post moves and more. Our coaches, who work at the Varsity or Collegiate level, work hard to pass their knowledge on to campers in order to help them improve as basketball players. Along with our “Tournament of Champions” and All-Star game activities, we had Naismith Hall of Famer Herb Magee come talk with our campers about improving their shooting consistency, as well as Joe Mantegna, the Head Coach from Blair Academy. Coach Mantegna, who has coached NBA players Luol Deng, Charlie Villanueva, and Royal Ivey, spoke about finishing inside the paint and around the rim. Award Winners from this week’s Skills Camp are listed below by their league.

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Early Bird: David Allze, Riley McMahon
Hot Shot Champ: Luke Bush
FT Champ: Reggie Luis
1 on 1 Champ: Jonas Kassalow
Floor General: Mike Bradley
Mr. Hustle: Chris Revello
MIP: Andrew Basaco
MVP: Brandon Revello
All-Star MVP: Reggie Luis
Team Champs: Duke ; Brendan Revello, Ethan Mann, Ethan Shreffler, Aaron Daniels, David Allze, Nicholas Peltekian, Simon Torell, Jia Hui Chen, Hao Lin He


Early Bird: Keon Ansari
Hot Shot Champ: Alex Capitano
FT Champ: Ethan Perkal
1 on 1 Champ: Zach Foley
Floor General: Zach Foley
Mr. Hustle: Danny Melillo
MIP: Luke Tyrell
MVP: Tarajae Davis
All-Star MVP: Pulast Thacker
Team Champs: Florida ; Ryan Kwiat, Matt Manners, Liam Kennedy, Jack McDonald, Austin Horvath, Daniel Melillo, Max Grossman, Noah Collier, Tarajae Davis

Big East:

Early Bird: Chris Aiperti
Hot Shot Champ: Jack Pettus
FT Champ: Jesse Davis
1 on 1 Champ: Marcellus Earlington
Mr. Hustle: Jake DuBois
Floor General: Mike Revello
MIP: Noah Koehler
MVP: Marcellus Earlington
All-Star MVP: Dakota Kross
Team Champs: USF ; Varun Kadikar, Dakota Kross, John Kopitskie, Jake Dubois, Evan Shreffler, Raquib Lewis, Jack Kennedy, Jeremiah Harper


Early Bird: Chris Aliperti
Hot Shot Champ: Sam Swindell
FT Champ: Nolan Wacker
1 on 1 Champ: DeAndray Covert
Mr. Hustle: Cillian Fahy
Floor General: Shaquan Anderson
MIP: DeAndray Covert
MVP: I’Javion Ivory
All-Star MVP: Shaun Brooks
Team Champs: Heat ; Victor Charles, Justin Gans, Juice Watson, Jordan Heck, I’Javion Ivory, Dennis Clark, Martin Mulvey, Corey Nelson

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