Skills Camp III July 21-25 Recognizable Names List

Daniel Parrish – Daniel was an All-Star selection and captain of his team. He is a great team player and gives 100% throughout the whole game. He will be a great guard in the future if he continues to work hard.

Bryan Powell – Bryan has great attitude and is very easy to coach. He is very vocal on the court and always puts his team in a position to win. Bryan works hard during games and his teammates feed off of his energy and effort.

Jack Bagin – Jack was the captain of his team and made sure they stayed focused through all the ups and downs. Although he was the smallest kid on the court, he has the biggest heart. He will be a great leader in the future for a program.

John Palmaeri – All-Star, leader, and overall floor general. John is a great point guard that constantly makes the right play for his team. He is a pleasure to coach because of his great attitude and knowledge of the game.

Mike Otero – Otero was an All-Star, combo guard. Mike never forced a shot, whether it was a 3, pull-up, or layup. He led by example all week and other players look up to him. He will be a great addition to a program in the future.

Jordan Gonzalez – Gonzalez is a solid defender, slasher with the ball, and leader. Jordan wanted to guard the other team’s best player each game, got a basket anytime his team needed it, and was the most vocal player on court even when he was sidelined by an injury.

Eddy Cintron – Eddy is the type of player who likes to take control of a game. He is a natural leader on the court and has great vision of the game around him. Eddy has great speed and control of the basketball.

Jack Kennedy – Jack was one of the younger players on his team, but played with a strength and ability beyond his years. Jack’s huge presence on defense and the ease in the way he rebounded was a pleasure to watch. His ability to move up and down the court in transition is an asset to any team.

Matt Christmas – Matt was one of the most positive players on the team. He has a “never say die” attitude and was an inspiration to his teammates. His ability to take directions from his coach and apply it to the game was one of the reasons he excelled while at camp. He has the ability to adjust his game based on any situation he sees.

Darragh Fleming – Darragh has played hard all week. He does a great job of relentlessly attacking the basket and getting to the foul line. He is always one of the first players in the huddle and always has a positive attitude that helps his teammates rally around.

Zach Kopp – Zach goes all out on both ends of the floor. He has done a great job attacking the glass all week, finishing around the basket, and being a force down low. He made great progress throughout the week and has a bright future ahead of him.

Phil Toon – Phil got moved up from the Big East to the NBA during the first day of camp and did not miss a beat. He does a great job of seeing the floor and distributing the ball to his teammates for open shots. His activity level defensively causes problems for opponents and leads his team to good transition situations.

Romi Azulay – Romi is a strong, athletic player. He is a fantastic finisher when going to the basket. He is the true definition of a gamer and no moment is ever too big for him. He constantly delivered with big plays when his team needed them most.

Noah Koehler – Noah symbolizes the term “Floor General”. He is a point guard who plays with immeasurable intensity, great passing ability, and a feel for the game that is not seen in many young players.

Cole Hare – Cole was a leader for his team on and off the court. His will to win and ability to make his teammates better projects a bright future for his basketball career. His aggressiveness when driving to the basket is a talent that not many his age have obtained yet.

Jack Greibel – Jack became a dominant force this week for his team. His jump-shot and his ability to get to the basket is at a higher level than the kids in his age group. He is a very intelligent player with a great feel for the game of basketball. He will be a great asset to any team as he grows and continues his basketball development.

Isaiah Josue – Josue is a lengthy forward that can dribble as well as shoot the mid range jump shot. He knows how to play defense on and off the ball, which separates himself from others. As Isaiah grows up, he will need to learn how to make better decisions but he is definitely an outstanding player.

Tresean Raiford – Raiford is a young guard with great on-the-ball pressure. He’s an aggressive player who can knock down a jump shot, as well as pass to the open man. Has a lot of potential and needs to continue to work hard on his ball-handling.

Nick Muoio – Nick is a great big man that runs the floor hard. He is as strong as a bull in the paint and outworks his man for every rebound. He needs to work on his footwork and his ball handling to be more of a threat on the perimeter and help improve his overall development.

Andrew Steinhardt – Andrew is an athletic guard that plays both ends of the floor. He uses his speed to get past his defender and is one of the best finishers in the league. He needs to work on his form to add consistency to his jumper that will complete his offensive game.

Danny Baliko – Baliko is a solid wing that is an exceptional defender. He uses his length to get steals off the ball and he is at his best when helping his team get out in transition. He has the ability to guard numerous positions and improve his team’s defense by his level of play.

Will Soucie – He has a great skill set with a real ability to score the ball 1 on 1 or with his jump shot. His overall skill set improved tremendously throughout the week and his effort never fluctuates on the court.

Kevin McGowan – At 6’2″ and only 13 years old, he is capable of shooting the ball well from the perimeter. He has great potential as a “Strech 4”. He needs to develop his post game on the inside, but his length will allow his team to do many things.

Elijah Williams- Eli’s presence on the floor can be felt on every possession. His relentless ball pressure and athletic ability to make plays in transition were the best in camp this past week.

Evan Barrett – Evan has been one of the camps top players since he arrived at Skills Camp a few weeks back. Evan’s silky smooth jump shot was on full display this week and he has a calm demeanor on the floor that transfers to the rest of his team.

Matt Hubbard – Your team is never out of a game with Matt on the floor. His unconscious three-point shooting brought his team back from multiple fourth quarter deficits, leading them to the best record in the league and an appearance in the championship game. As his point guard skills improve, Matt will develop into a very good player.

Charlie Bagin – Charlie is the best defender on the floor when playing. He is both a vocal and energetic leader with an accurate 3 point shot. He is turning himself into a complete player on both ends of the floor.

Kevin Reinhard – Kevin brings certain intensity to the game and this cannot be taught. In transition, he sees the court extremely well and is always willing to get his teammates involved in the game.

Chris Smith – Chris is a very smart basketball player. His shot selection is perfect and he is capable of finishing in the lane against bigs. He never stops running the floor in transition and his team benefits from this.

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