Skills III July 21-25 Blog and Award Winners

Today concluded our third Skills Camp and this summer’s Supersession at the Hoop Group. We had another great week of camp with many talented campers. Championship Thursday delivered us some great playoff games, with teams grinding it out in the 4th quarter and/or overtime. Once again, campers made significant improvements to their games throughout the week. Their effort and commitment during skill development sessions showed on the court in their game play.

Our Supersession campers dedicated the past two weeks of their summer to improving their game on the basketball. In between our 2nd and 3rd Skills Camps, our Supersession Campers enjoyed a trip to Camel Beach Water Park and a movie/mall trip with our coaches. This was a great way to relax and enjoy themselves before getting back into basketball mode for their second week of camp. Also, at this week’s Skills Camp, we had Tobin Anderson, former Division I Assistant Coach and current Head Coach of St. Thomas Aquinas, come to Skills camp Monday afternoon and Steve Rosenberry, current NBA scout for the Portland Trail Blazers, visited camp on Tuesday. The campers got to listen to these very knowledgeable basketball coaches speak about the game and get workout advice from coaches who work with collegiate and professional players on a daily basis.
As Skills Camp III is now complete, the Hoop Group now heads into our Girls Skills Camps for the next two weeks, starting with our Parent/Daughter weekend on Friday, July 26, followed by Shooting Camp, Skills Camp, and Coach Hurley’s Girls Camp. Boys Skills Camps will pick back up on Friday, August 9th with Father/Son weekend, followed by our fourth and final Skills Camp, Jr. Elite II, Coach Hurley Camp, and Shooting Camp. Please visit or call (570) 992-6343 for more camp information.

Please Visit The Hoop Group Facebook page to find Award Winners and All-Star Team photos!

Award Winners for each league are listed below:

Early Bird Workout Star: Malik Renau
FT Champ: Reggie Luis
Hot Shot Champ: Jace Budin
1 on 1 Champ: Jace Budin
Mr. Hustle: Jonas Kassalow
Floor General: Knajee Alston
MIP: Jace Budin
MVP: Reggie Luis
All-Star MVP: Isaiah Johnson
Team Champs: Duke – Chris Revello, Cullen Dell, Jonas Kassalow, Jack Marvin, Ethan Lang, Patrick DiBartolo, Reggie Luis, Sean Mueller, Jaiden Johnson

Early Bird Workout Star: Joey McAllister & Will Soucie
FT Champ: Jamie Byers
Hot Shot Champ: Luke Balaj
1 on 1 Champ: Sean Klagg
Mr. Hustle: Brian Kennedy
Floor General: Alex Mummert
MIP: Ahkir Carter
MVP: Spencer Riley
All-Star MVP: Ethan Wright
Team Champs: Kentucky – Brian Wilson, Kevin Gardner, Myles Bostic, Nicholas Kovaly, Bennett Purcell, Spencer Riley, Romi Azulay, Brandon Powell

Big East –
Early Bird Workout Star: Jacob Kaplan
FT Champ: Kyle McHugh
Hot Shot Champ: Anthony Hughes
1 on 1 Champ: Ryan Train
Mr. Hustle: Danny Baliko
Floor General: Zedrick Farrell
MIP: Kyle McHugh
MVP: Charlie Bagin
All-Star MVP: Nick Muoio
Team Champs: Rutgers – Chris Smith, Kyle McHugh, Kevin Reinhard, Justin Cise, Anthony Hughes, Charlie Bagin, Peter Nesti, Patrick Harvey, Will Lande, Zach Cunillera

FT Champ: Mike Otero
Hot Shot Champ: Cillian Fahy
1 on 1 Champ: Zach Kopp
Mr. Hustle: Elijah Williams
Floor General: John Palmaeri
MIP: Nicholas “Birdman” Hudson
MVP: Cillian Fahy
All-Star MVP: Dustin Powell
Team Champs: Celtics – Corey Nelson, Cillian Fahy, Dylan Burke, Bryson Gilbert, Ricardo Dominguez, Alfredo Rodriguez, Orlando Coll

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