unnamed[1] There are kids who get it, and when that light goes on a young man can shine bright. This summer that is exactly what happened for a young man who I believe has a big future ahead of him. His new found journey may not have started on the best of terms, but it’s becoming a real feel-good story. So many can learn so much from him.


When Tahaj Parland walked into Hoop Group headquarters one day he simply went to a court and sat in the bleachers. Now Tahaj is one of the most well liked kids who walks into Headquarters. He is always smiling and friendly. But the entire building is closed during the summer months due to camp from 9am-3pm. Truth be told I give a little special treatment to those who come into the gym and work hard to use an open court if its available. But Tahaj this day was sitting and joking with an AAU coach, he was not working. So I asked him why he is not jumping into the camp workout. He didn’t answer and I got upset. I reminded him that the girls rule the Shore Conference in terms of D1 players and kids moving on to college because they all work and NOBODY GETS A PASS! He was not happy that I was talking so frank and honest with him in front of the campers….he was upset.



The next day Tahaj and his dad came to see me. He explained that I had embarrassed him in front of his peers. I told him he was right and I was wrong. He was not part of the camp and I should not have been so harsh. But I then I told him how much I liked him and how talented I thought he was. I asked him to jump in camp and let me help him improve on his game. I asked him to train different from other boys in the shore. I asked him to go the extra mile. I explained to him I was a men’s college coach for 25 years with a great deal of success. I explained I had coached NBA players to players making a living in Europe. I told Tahaj that if he wanted to be great he had to change his approach and at that….A light went on for him.

unnamed[2] Tahaj refuses to be out’worked!

It started the moment he left my office. He got on a mission and he has not looked back since. When Tahaj started the process and started working with myself and Elijah Allen, I couldn’t believe a kid could become so focused. This is a kid that started showing up in the gym as if he had something to prove. He became a total gym rat. I have never seen a kid change their approach to improving so quickly in all my years. Every time I turned around there was Tahaj in the gym. He’s not only in the gym, but he has become a sponge. He simply can’t get enough information and more importantly… becoming special though hard work is who he has become…he refuses to allow anyone to outwork him


Tahaj is only in 8th grade right now. But make no mistake, any kid who work as hard as this kid has been doing the last 3 months can’t miss. A light has gone on and there is nothing that is going to turn it off. He wants to work harder than everyone. He wants to be an impact player one day and guess what….that’s exactly what will happen


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