So who are the TOP SHOOTING GUARDS in the Shore Conference? That’s easy if you understand the difference between a wing player and a Pure Shooting Guard. Wing players can easily slide to the shooting guard spot. But can they fill the role as a pure shooter when they do? That my friends is the real question. The shore has a number of shooting guards that have either signed at a Division one school or soon will be doing so….They are currently 9 PURE SHOOTING GUARDS THAT PROJECT AS Division 1 PLAYERS….Why the small number you ask? Because pure shooting guards are hard to find and almost are always over recruited. Because shooting is the one thing all college coaches never get enough of, shooting makes up for a lot sins during the course of  a season. Ball handling is a nice luxury but there are millions of pure shooting guards who can’t dribble a lick…they GET paid to shoot and the great ones do it better than most….There are 10 things all GREAT SHOOTING GUARDS MOST BE ABLE TO DO.

  1. They must be high percentage SHOOTERS against good defensive teams
  2. They must have DEEP shooting range that means at least 25ft
  3. They must be able to create separation from opponents, off the dribble or though movement
  4. They must be able to shoot in TRANSITION transition off the catch
  5. They must be masters at USING SCREENS and finding space
  6. They must understand SHOT SELECTION
  7. They must be able to go on blistering HOT STREAKS
  8. They have to be able to handle PHYSICAL  play
  10. SIZE is always welcomed


So let the debating begin….WHO ARE THE TOP 5  PURE SHOOTING GUARDS IN THE SHORE? Now you must understand, I am not…. REPEAT NOT SAYING they are the best SHOOTING GUARDS NOW!.  My list is based on which 5 players, games will transfer best to college at the Division one level. Let me say this, if a player is not a knock it out shooter, then they have no chance of making this list. Because all Pure Shooting Guards have one thing in common….THEY CAN SHOOT THE ROCK!






Ellyn Stoll- St. Rose- She has range as in deep range and that is always a plus, because she can stretch defenses. But it’s her wonderful shot selection that makes her so special. Has anyone ever seen her take a bad shot? Her ability to stop and shoot in transition makes her dangerous in the fast break. If you doubt this check out her performance against SJV last season. She is mostly under the radar when we talk about great players in the shore. Why? She is a total team player willing to play her role…rare today in shooters.  But make no mistake, she is program changer for NJIT. They are going to be shocked at her tougness and shot making ability despite her frame.  Her high shooting percentage would be a welcome addition to almost any school.  I believe she could easily be higher on this list but we will start her at #5




Hayley Moore- RBCHer ability to down jumpers in transition is 2nd to none, it’s a gift folks. She has a laser quick release and it’s perfect due to her size of 5’5″. While she is not a big shooting guard, it has not effected her ability to get open and get shots off. Hayley Moore does something better than almost every shooting guard in the shore…SHE GETS SHOTS OFF.  She has a next level step back and is fearless off the dribble. MISS SHOTS do not have any effect on her. She has real confidence and it shows as she is not afraid to take big shots. Her ability to handle the ball against pressure is added bonus for this future D1 lock (yes she already has offers). But here is the scary part…she just may have another level of play. Because once her strength improves with age…she only a junior folks, she could find herself at the top of this list in a year.




Sidney Coffaro-Holmdel–  Are you surprised…don’t be! Most know very little about this athletic freak. She is the best athlete on this list by a long shot. Her ability to rise up and shoot over opponents is rare and certainly next level stuff. She also can stop on the dime and make pull up jumpers….think that matters at the next level? She has the ability to go by opponents when pressured  and she can shoot with range. She is not a ball hog and will not bring your offense to a halt with bad shots and over dribbling. She is a total chemistry player…folks this is damm near impossible to find in pure shooting guard, who feel they must take every open shot… me! She is a future Division one player, who injuries in the past have slowed her down. But she is healthy and remember she was a ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER 3 YEARS AGO. Enjoy her highlight tape because she can do things very few shooting guards can do…which is score in a variety of ways. The upside for Coffaro is the main reason she is on this list, once she get locked into hoops full time, she will become scary as in a possible all conference type guard at the next level.…HEY the tape don’t lie!





Jose Larkins- Red Bank Catholic- She is part of the best shooting group of players in the state. But it’s Larkins shooting range that separates her from every single shooting guard in all of New Jersey. How good is her range you ask? With the exception of Kelly Hughes I have never seen anyone with her range. But what makes her  shooting range next level stuff is her shooting percentage from deep. She simply make deep three’s over and over and over. No guard on this list understands shot selection more and you know why?…hint ..hint…Joe Montano and Beth Chambers…yup coaching still matters folks. But pay more attention to the lighting quick release and nobody, repeat nobody uses screens better than Miss Larkins. She is simply a nightmare to defenders off screens. Maybe that’s why this side of Kimi Evans, she was the most recruited player in the shore. The University of Vermont got a monster steal because she is the ultimate Pure Shooting Guard. She is physical and has a college body RIGHT NOW. She is a impact player the day she puts on a college jersey. She can get on shooting rolls that are scary and totally turn a game. Not only does she makes shots, but she can handle the ball like a point guard, has mega confidence and flat out will destroy you in transition….you get the picture Larkins my friends is a next level superstar, who is the total package.




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LOLA MULLANEY-MANASQUAN–  One Division 1 coach said “she reminds me of Kelly Hughes” strong words. One coach told me “she could be the best offensive player in the state one day” Here is what I say, if you wanted to build a shooting guard, don’t bother... LOLA MULLANEY has all the ingredients right now. This “songbird’ has a real good chance of playing at a Power 5 school in 3 years. Yes folks she is only a sophomore.…this would be a joke if it wasn’t sooo true. Mullaney is the ultimate pure shooting guard, for a number of reasons. None bigger than; she is a great shooter who doesn’t need help to get shots off. Miss Mullaney is the best off the dribble shooting guard these eyes has seen since covering the shore… and folks those are some serious words. Because there have been many great shooters off the dribble, play at Power 5 schools. First folks take a look… because this is not someone to be played with….SHE IS A BAD WOMEN

I have seen no player in all my years that has her range and total confidence off the dribble…NONE. Miss Mullaney’s  ability to create separation off the dribble is as next level as it gets. Nobody is in the same world as her in when it comes to this part of the game. But what’s more impressive,  now pay attention people…she has the ability to jump over defenders and shoot. In fact Lola Muallaney plays the game as we use to say in the park “like a DUDE”. But folks it doesn’t end there, lose her in transition and she will make you pay. Shooting off screens is just a form of recreation for her. The range…I mean the range and accuracy is something  many college players at the highest level can only dream of. She has the Power 5 size, length, quickness and that all important…SWAG! She may be  just a baby…but folks LOLA MULLANEY IS THE BEST PURE SHOOTING GUARD IN THE SHORE….AND DEM BE DA FACTS!



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