HG Insider Feature: Ireland native Aidan Igiehon plays for “cause over self”

Class of 2019 power forward Aidan Igiehon from Lawrence Woodmere Academy in New York has gone from an unknown in the northeast to a national prospect. Igiehon moved from Ireland to the United States his freshman year. Ever since then he has been getting recruited by multiple high major schools. Moving to a brand new environment was something that took time for him to get used to.

“Traveling away from home is extremely tough, especially doing it as a 13 year old boy,” said Igiehon. “You face a lot of hardships that a regular young adolescent wouldn’t. You have to grow up quick and your childhood is kind of over. You have to have a level of seriousness in order to succeed and that is tough to expect from a young kid. The toughest part of it all has to be living life without my mom. Growing up as a kid and living with a single mother your mom is all you have and that being stripped away from you is tough to fathom.”

Igiehon takes a lot of pride in representing Ireland every time he steps on the court. He has taken the lessons he has learned in his home country to help his play here in the states.

“Representing a whole nation on the court is a huge honor,” he said. “I see myself as an ambassador in this game. Based on my success on the future I can open new paths for other young talented players not only from Ireland, but around the world in general. I’ve taking selfless basketball play from Ireland. We put our teammates first. We go by the saying ’cause over self’ and I really do live by that. Having that mentality really does help my game because other players love to play with me.”

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy big man gives it his all on and off the court for more than himself on the court. Igiehon does it for all of the people in his corner.

“In order to be great, your reason why has to be greater than yourself,” Igiehon said. “My reason is my family and my country. I have a whole nation rooting for me and who am I to let them down. They push me and wish the best for me. That is my motivation on and off of the floor.”

The recruiting process can be stressful for players especially for prospects like Igiehon with multiple scholarship offers. He is dealing with it well and not getting ahead of himself.

“I’m dealing with it pretty well, I have a lot of people by my side that keep me grounded and help me throughout this process,” said Igiehon. “I am humbled by all of the achievements. However, I am still hungry for more. I am nowhere near satisfied.”

Looking to the future, he has one short term and one long-term goal laid out for himself.

“One of my short term goals is to be a McDonald’s All-American,” he said. “I want be the first Irish born person to do so, it will be history in the making. A long-term goal of mine is simple, to be the best that ever played.”

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