8 Things All Basketball Players Must Do in the Off-Season

offseasonBecoming a good basketball player requires dedication, hard work, and discipline during your team’s season of play. With that said, actions taken during the off-season can be just as, if not more important, to any athlete’s overall development. Here at Hoop Group, a full-service company devoted to helping young people improve basketball skills through instruction, competition, and exposure, we invite players, parents and coaches to read the following; Eight key steps competitors should engage in during the off-season to maximize their basketball skills training.

Pinpoint Skills That Need Improvement

This might be difficult for some of us to hear, but improving requires identifying areas of our game in which improvement is needed. We can accomplish this task by speaking with our coaches and others whose opinions we value and/or have some knowledge about basketball.

Relax And Unwind

As soon as the season ends, we should reward ourselves with some time off. This multi-week respite will not only give our bodies time to rest, but will allow any nagging injuries the opportunity to heal.  This provides us with a mental recess where we can reflect upon the past season and prepare ourselves for the challenges that lay ahead.

Commit To A Training Program

When we are away from the game for a time, we risk morphing out of shape. Any off-season training program should focus on retaining strength and keeping fit. Above all, exercise programs should focus on improving the cardiovascular endurance vital to becoming a successful basketball player.

Do Not Neglect Schoolwork Or Other Responsibilities

Unless we are performing at the professional level, we will always have other important responsibilities, most notably academics. Under certain circumstances, student athletes might be required to maintain a specific grade point average to play competitive sports. Regardless, becoming better students can help us transform into better athletes because we learn how to allocate our time and create balance.

Attend A Camp Or Off-Season League

As athletes, we need to maintain a competitive edge and continue to hone our skills during the off-season. This can be accomplished by attending such gatherings as sleepaway basketball camps, joining a summer youth basketball league or attending various basketball clinics.

Master The Art Of Shooting

The ability to score is the foundation for personal and team success. Good scorers are even better shooters. The off-season is the perfect time for us to improve our shot. Good shooters are those who can drain baskets from short or long ranges and release the ball quickly.

Remember Basketball Is A Game

As competitive as many of us are, and as much as we yearn to improve our skill set, it is important to remember that basketball is still a game that should always be fun. Therefore, we should engage in friendly games or just go out and shoot merely for the pure enjoyment of the game.

Take One More Quick Rest

About a week or so before the new season begins, take several days to rest, reflect, and prepare for the new season.

With these tips in mind, take advantage of your next off-season and prepare yourself for the season ahead of you!

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