Hoop Group College Alumni in NCAA Division 3 Final Four 2016

ncaa d3

“Dreams Do Come True”

Many Hoop Group alum have succeeded at many different levels, from the NBA, Division 1 as well as small colleges and in high school. On this page we look at some of the Hoop Group alumni excelling at the college level.


Amherst guard & Hoop Group Alum Jayde Dawson

Hoop Group Alums in NCAA Division 3 Final Four 2016

Jayde DawsonAmherst
Michael RiopelAmherst
David GeorgeAmherst
Jeff RacyAmherst
Brady HoldingAmherst
Ben PollackAmherst
Joseph SchneiderAmherst
Marcus CarterChristopher Newport
Tyler FemiChristopher Newport
Rayshard BrownChristopher Newport
Brendon BurrowsChristopher Newport
Logan MillerChristopher Newport
Quad BorupChristopher Newport
Justin HamptonChristopher Newport
Tim DalyChristopher Newport
Habib N'GamimChristopher Newport
Taylor MonteroSt. Thomas