How to become a great rebounder

Want to be a vital player on your basketball team? One surefire way is to become a tenacious rebounder. Every team needs someone who can battle in the paint, muscle out opponents and pull down big boards. Rebounding is tough, physical work. Here’s some advice on how to get better.

Improve your hands. If you have trouble catching the ball, you’re not going to be an effective rebounder. Even some NBA players are known for their “bad hands.” It’s a problem at all levels of play, so improve your hands with the following drill from

“Pick a spot on the backboard or, if you’re not tall enough to use the backboard, a wall. Jump and tap the ball against the spot. Continue to jump and tap the ball against the backboard up to 50 times. If you’re tall enough, try to touch the net or rim with your off hand.” This is a great drill that’ll improve your conditioning and your timing when you jump for the ball.

Learn to “box out” well. explains how to effectively accomplish this crucial aspect of rebounding:

“Immediately find an opponent to box out when a shot is released. Get in front of the opponent and make contact with a forearm as you turn and face the basket. With the opponent behind you, bend, lowering your hips, and get your backside into the opponent. Extend your arms to prevent the player from getting around you. Move the opponent away from the hoop by pushing into him with your backside.” offers lots more advice on how you can become your team’s most reliable rebounder. Check it out here.

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