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Ari Rosenfeld (@realA_rosenfeld)

Some kids are daunted by a move to a new school, let alone a school 460 miles from where they spent the previous year.

Not Isaiah Mucius.

After spending last season attending– and living at– The Fessenden School, an independent school located just outside of Boston, the New York native will be making the move down to Maryland, as he’ll be transferring to St. James School in Hagerstown for the upcoming year.

The experience he gained living away from home as a freshman at Fessenden has Mucius not only unafraid of the change of scenery, but actually excited for it.

“I’m kind of used to the boarding school process already. It’s pretty easy for me,” he said. “I think it’s easy getting the feel of a new school. It’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be a good time.”

Mucius is already looking forward to the elite competition he’ll be facing while playing for St. James, with the DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area being one of the most talent-rich regions in the country. With the 6-foot-8 wing looking to fulfill all of his enormous potential, the step up in competition was necessary to help him improve as much as he can over the next three years.

“I’ll be in the DMV playing against a lot of guys like [fellow FAA attendees] Brandon Slater, Myles Dread, and a lot of high school guys that are gonna be growing up with me in the 2018 class,” Mucius said. “So I think it was just a good fit, environment-wise. St. James was probably the best fit for me to get better.”

With the goal of getting better in mind, Mucius is not attacking the process blindly; instead, he has clearly defined points of his game that he’s hoping to fine tune before entering the college ranks.

He mentioned his “strength, shooting, and ballhandling” as the three main things he’s working on this year, with hopes of getting schools like Virginia and Syracuse, which have already reached out to his coaches, to offer him when they see him play next summer.

Already in possession of elite size for the wing position, Mucius knows the most important thing for him will be spending more time in the weight room, as adding some muscle to his lanky frame will only add to his already versatile skillset.

“I think with the strength, at my size, with me being kind of a lanky guy, me getting stronger and being able to handle, I could do different things. Be able to play the 1 or the 2, and be able to play in the post as well,” Mucius said.

At this point, Mucius could be considered a veteran of Hoop Group Elite camps. Just a couple weeks before Future All-American, he was one of the only rising sophomores playing in the top division of Elite Session 2, and he also attended the New York Top 100 event this past spring.

As someone who’s played in some of the nation’s top events with his Nike-backed PSA Cardinals AAU program, Mucius has liked what he’s seen during his time spent at Albright this summer.

“I think it’s been great. Hoop Group Elite 2 was great, playing in front of all the college coaches,” he said. “Hoop Group has just helped me, getting me out there and getting me exposure, and being able to play against the best guys in my class that are here.”

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