Kyrie Irving – A Superstar Taking a Gamble

kyrie irving

Shockwaves were sent throughout the basketball world just a few days ago when it was announced that Kyrie Irving is looking to be traded away from the Cleveland Cavaliers – furthermore, outside the large shadow of LeBron James.

Various reasons have been thrown out: a beef with James and trying to get ahead of the King’s exit in 2018 have been the prominent ones. The deeper you get into NBA Twitter, the thicker and foggier the smoke gets. Regardless of the reason, or the time-table in which that is discovered, this move signals that Irving is ready to go all in on himself as the man to deliver a franchise to the promise land. Kyrie was the man in Cleveland before LeBron, but asking a 19-22 year old to deliver a franchise deep into the postseason is an unfathomable weight to hoist onto the shoulders of any NBA player. Even Lebron himself could only do as well as a 4-0 sweep in Finals in his first stint in Cleveland.

Do Lebron and Kyrie Have Beef?

With LeBron, Kyrie has been a great sidekick for James, being able to shoulder scoring and ball handling duties that relieves pressure for the NBA’s best player. With one ring, three Finals appearances and a championship clinching shot, Kyrie has continued to blossom. Now he feels that he is ready to be the ball dominant player on a team, and lead said team to the postseason.

The rumors of his possible landing spots is a fairly decent list: San Antonio to team with Kawhi and a return home to New York seem to be the hottest two rumors of the last few days. Kyrie has also been mentioned as a candidate to land in Minnesota, Miami or even as a replacement for CP3 in LA . Regardless of where he lands, Kyrie has stepped up to the plate, and is going all in on himself to thrive away from Lebron. As Jason Concepcion notes in his article for The Ringer, “Kyrie is courting failure on a scale that should command our respect.” Regardless of where you see Kyrie in the pantheon of NBA players, specifically Point Guards, he is willing to potentially buck the trend of superstars joining super teams to preserve their legacies with rings.

While the results of Irving’s gamble remain to be seen, it takes a lot of guts for someone to bet on themselves. Salute to you Uncle Drew, I’ll always pull for the person who is willing to gamble on themselves.

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