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It feels as if Elite 1 just finished and we’re already set for session 2 of Elite Camp. It’s been over a week since we wrapped up Elite 1 with our Top 20 game. Nonetheless we are up and running at Albright College for our second week of Elite Camp. Follow us all week long for updates, pictures, video and more as we continue to #BeElite this summer!

Be sure to follow our Digital Media team all session for live-tweets and updates from this week’s play. #BeElite:

James Albano:@JN_Albano
Lucas Shapiro: @Lucashapiro

July 25: DAY 4

12:21 pm
That will be it for the live blog this week. Award ceremonies are about to begin with all-star games to follow. We will be live tweeting all 3 games when they begin so follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #BeElite. A big thank you goes out to coaches, staff, parents and players for making this week possible.

12:19 pm
Games are over and we have our winners! Congratulations to our 3 championship teams. We are now getting ready for our award ceremony and all-star games will follow! For a full recap of champions, award winners and all-stars from this week, be on the look out for our recap blogs coming later this evening. –@TheHoopGroup

11:52 am
Some more guys who stood out today.

11:27 am
Here is our #BeElite Poll of the day. As always, we want to hear your thoughts!

11:06 am
In case you missed it, here are our Top Performers from Thursday. Will we see these names in the all-star games today?

10:09 am
Few good showings by some guys with championships on the line.

9:24 am
From last night: We got some good weather and were able to play some games outside!

8:39 am
While we may not have had stations today, we still saw a lot of guys get up and attend the last early bird workout of the week. Great to see so many guys looking to get better.

8:23 am
Just uploaded a lot more pictures onto our Facebook page! Lot of good action last night, especially outdoors. Be sure to check them out!

8:11 am
It’s Championship Friday! We’re up and ready for some high intensity games today as we look for a champion in all of our divisions. Not stations today, we’re going straight to the playoff action. Let’s get started! –@TheHoopGroup

July 24: DAY 3

10:06 pm
Another day down and somehow we are 3/4 of the way done with camp. It is just flying by! A lot of stuff to look forward to tomorrow as we have playoffs and all-star games. If you missed anything from today you know the drill: find it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Blog section.

9:34 pm
Few more guys showing out before the night ends

9:02 pm
Couldn’t ask for a better night for some outdoor hoops.

8:22 pm

One guy to keep an eye on at camp this week is Deniz Celen. He is a 6’9″ big man from Turkey who came all the way to the Hoop Group to showcase his game. He has a nice touch around the rim and a good set of hands. It is important for big men to have good hands in order to make the job of the point guard or wings easier for him. When you build up that kind of trust, your team has a more balanced attack.

6:57 pm
Dinner has ended and players are ready to get their last games of the day started. One last effort to make a push towards the playoffs. Who will step up and give their teams momentum going into tomorrow? We’ll find out soon. –@TheHoopGroup

6:42 pm
Seen a lot of Dwight Whitlock this summer. Very athletic guard who has given us tons of highlights!

4:56 pm
Brian Parker played very, very well this past weekend in the Hoop Group Summer Jam Fest. He’s now riding that hot hand into camp where he is continuing his good play.


4:09 pm
Facebook Facebook Facebook

3:22 pm
We have great competition in every single league this week. Even our youngest division!

2:51 pm
A lot of good points made by Coach Farello in his talk. Just a sample of what he left the campers with…



2:19 pm
Great lecture going on right now by Coach Glenn Farello. Wise words being spoken to the camp right now.


1:52 pm
One of our last game sets of the morning ended in front of a huge crowd!


1:06 pm
More pictures from this afternoon’s games have been posted!

12:08 pm
We’ve had some good games thus far. Mithun Jaisankar showed how clutch he can be by sinking a 3 pointer with 11 seconds left to lift his team to a 1 point win. Don’t tell these guys that camp games don’t matter. Everyone is competing hard this morning. –@JN_Albano

11:47 am
In case you missed it, here’s the list of top performers from yesterday. Who will make the list today?

11:24 am
Pictures from this morning’s stations are online. We were lucky enough to have good weather and some groups were outside today. Look for the pictures on Facebook.

10:34 am
We’ve seen a few guys play well early. Guys are blocking shots, attacking the hoop and making great passes to teammates. Good basketball to watch.


9:36 am
Morning stations are the best way for campers to develop their skills while at camp this week.

9:04 am
Here’s today your #BeElite Poll of the Day? As the live period continues on…who’s gotten a school interested in them after playing this summer? Let us know! Have you been seen?


8:34 am
As always, Coach Josh King was up in the rec gyms this morning working out guys who wanted to get a sweat in before the day began. This morning, campers worked on coming off of a screen and scoring.

8:01 am
Another full day of basketball on the agenda today after a full one yesterday. Today is always an important day as we are just one day away from some playoff action. Today’s games can play a major role in seeding and who does/does not make the playoffs. Let’s see what happens! –@TheHoopGroup

July 23: DAY 2

10:34 pm
And with that, the final buzzer on the day sounds. It was a long day of hoops, but we saw a lot of good things both from teams and individuals. We have a lot to look forward to tomorrow. Don’t forget to get full coverage on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you tomorrow!

10:05 pm
Some players are waiting till the end of the night to show us what they got. Rising junior Gregory Parella is showcasing a good stroke from deep while teammate Maurice Valentine is getting out in transition for their squad. –@TheHoopGroup

9:43 pm
Great way to end the night…two top guards going head to head.


9:04 pm
Instruction: one of the things we pride ourselves most one.

8:37 pm
We’ve seen some crazy finishes today, but this may have been the best yet. From half court!


8:01 pm
More pictures are up on Facebook!

7:11 pm

Freddie Ibrahim is just one guy who proved he can score today.


6:41 pm
Power outage caused by the weather outside may have paused us for a second, but we’re back and in full swing as our evening game sets begin. 3 more game sets to go.


5:36 pm
Connor Jack will get some looks this week


4:57 pm
We have been witnessing some very good games so far today. Couple of buzzer beaters already and there is still a lot of the day left. Jason Jolly showed up today, coming up clutch for his team with his hustle and leadership as a point guard.

3:54 pm
Just uploaded our first batch of photos onto Facebook! We’ll be adding to the album all weekend so keep checking in!

3:28 pm
Exciting game winner to start the afternoon! Jason Jolly get to the hoop for 2 and his team wins!

2:43 pm
This morning was sweatshops, now this afternoon Coach Nee is breaking down film with players. Another good turnout!


2:32 pm
From earlier: Last game before our lecture drew a pretty big crowd.

1:58 pm
Campers getting an after lunch lecture before their games start up again.


1:13 pm
Some guys you just can’t let get out in transition.


12:21 pm
Tight games early, the competition is awesome this morning. No surprise there!


11:12 am
We are seeing a lot of encouraging things thus far. Good players and good teamwork!



10:35 am
Some games are going on, but up in the Rec on court 4, guys not playing are taking advantage of an optional workout with Coach Danny Nee!


10:00 am

Coaches coaching, players executing. It’s time for games to tip-off here at Elite 2. #BeElite. –@CabWashington

9:44 am
Stations have ended and we are almost ready for our first game sets of the day. Before our first games start, teams get 15 minute practices with their coach This is a great time to put in plays and sets that can be run all week long. –@JN_Albano

9:01 am
Here’s today’s #BeElite poll of the Day: What are you thoughts on the One-and-done rule? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!


8:36 am
Campers have started their morning stations. Working on offensive moves to the basket as well as so one on one offensive and defensive work.


8:03 am
Good morning everyone! We’re up and ready for a full day of hoops here at Albright. Guys are learning their new teams for the week and getting ready for stations. You know today’s going to be a good day when it starts with a great showing at Early Bird Workouts. Stay with us all day and don’t miss a thing!


July 22: DAY 1

9:37 pm
That’s one day down. Campers are on their way back to their rooms and getting a good night’s sleep for what will be a jam packed day tomorrow. For full coverage of today be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be back here tomorrow bright and early for Early Bird Workouts!

9:24 pm
A few points stressed by Coach Nee tonight:



8:59 pm
We’re getting up and down a little bit in coach’s lecture.


8:34 pm
Scrimmages are done for the day, but the day is not done yet. Tonight campers will end their day with a lecture from Coach Danny Nee. Coach Nee has been a head coach at the Division I and III level. He also will be running sweatshop work outs and film sessions during the week for those who want to get extra work in when they aren’t playing games. We are fortunate to have such a knowledgable coach as a part of our staff. –@TheHoopGroup

8:10 pm
A name you may hear a lot this weekend: Alonzo Walker. He is throwing down dunk after dunk in today’s scrimmages. A human highlight reel right now.


7:02 pm
We’ve seen some highlight worthy plays so far today. Will they be good enough make our end of camp recap video? Stay tuned and find out! If you don’t like waiting, check out our other videos on YouTube now!
Hoop Group YouTube Channel

6:39 pm



5:45 pm
Head shots from this session’s camp are now online. Find and tag yourself!

5:12 pm
Some guys are here to make a name for themselves, others are trying to raise their stock as players.



4:31 pm
Games are underway and we have seen some exciting plays and players so far.


3:46 pm
Stations have ended and campers are lining up into their tryout teams for the day. Scrimmages will be starting up soon. Game time is upon us!-@TheHoopGroup

3:03 pm
Look in at some of our stations going on right now.

2:41 pm
Campers are starting the day off with stations; working on their skills before games start up in a few!

2:03 pm
After a long registration process, camp has officially begun with introductions!


12:36 pm
Registration is still going on, but we would like to remind you of our #BeElite Poll of the Day. We ask for your thoughts on several topics over the course of camp. Here’s today’s question:


10:26 am
Registration is in full swing! Campers are in the process of registering. Over 500 campers will have registered today when it is all said and done. Can’t wait to get started! –@TheHoopGroup

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