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July 11th DAY 4

6:06 pm
Top 20 game just ended. Here are some notes from the game.

5:12 pm
Here’s some guys who played well during the 3:15 all-star games

3:35 pm
All-Star games going on now….Top 20 game will follow!

2:16 pm
Games are now done! Congratulations to our East Champs who were led by James Scott!

1:49 pm
An incredible dunk in the East Championship game! Video will be up soon, you don’t want to miss it!

1:08 pm
Couple guys still making names for themselves before they pack up.

12:51 pm
Another post who played well this week was Jeromy Rodriguez. Good sized post with great athleticism.

12:29 pm
On a note unrelated to camp, Lebron James has officially decided to go back to Cleveland. Hoop Group’s Bryan Weber called it last week!

12:12 pm
More photos added to Facebook!

11:43 am
Despite the loss, Jair Bolden (Westtown HS ’16) showed just how good he can be. He’s a good shooter, consistently hitting threes and knocking down some tough step back jumpers and making it look easy. With his team trailing, he pushed the tempo and made it very hard for the opposition to stay in front of him. Elite Camp was a great start to the live period for Jair.

11:10 am

William Robinson rises up for a jump shot in our early set of games

William Robinson rises up for a jump shot in our early set of games

10:54 am
Another Academic Elite all-star who enjoyed a great week in Elite Camp, Kobe Gantz!

10:26 am

9:41 am
In case you missed it, here’s our top performers from Day 3 of camp:

9:07 am
Last #BeElite Poll Question of the Day for Elite Camp! A highly controversial topic…who will end with the better career?

9:25 am
Here’s our #BeElite Twitter Poll of the Day…Always a controversial subject, but we asked it anyway. Lebron or Jordan, who will end their career being the greatest of all time?

8:53 am
It’s about to get good on outside soon. Major prospects all playing next to each other in playoff action!

7:58 am
Are you ready? Championship Friday is here! Right after attendance teams wi’l start playing playoff basketball, but first a little skill work took place this morning.

July 10th DAY 3

10:54 pm
An awesome day is in the books. AWESOME. So many competitive games, hundreds of highlight reel plays and non stop entertainment all day long. If you missed anything from today, you are going to want to catch up. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos and videos. You will want to see this. Good night everyone, hope to see you back here from Championship Friday!

10:48 pm
This place just went nuts! Tyler Acrum hits a crazy shot to force OT! See it here!

10:36 pm
With playoff implications on the line, every game today counted. our last one is no exception. 1 minute left and a 2 point game, both teams aren’t giving in. _@TheHoop Group

10:11 pm
One of yesterday’s top guards of the day, Ian Sistare!

9:33 pm
Rain outside may be questionable, but there’s 100% chance of rain inside!

May have just witnessed the game of the night. David Beatty, Quincy McKnight, Vincent Eze, Ibrahim Doumbia and Najja Hunter all on the same court. They had the gym rocking!

8:28 pm
Not sure if anyone in camp has been as athletic as Ibrahim Doumbia. The rising sophomore has had the camp going wild with his finishes!

7:41 pm
Here’s a full recap of the Bob Hurley lecture with video!

7:14 pm
It’s been dunk city in here today! Dozens of dunks by guys who have some serious ups!

6:32 pm

5:49 pm
Here’s a few guys that we saw impress us this afternoon:

5:24 pm
Good battle in the post going on.

5:16 pm
I just got to talk with Adam Pickett, rising senior from Stuart Hall in Stauton, VA. Talked about some of his offseason plans in terms of working out. Said he wants to improve his jump shot and add it to his ability to slash down the lane. If he does, he’s going to have more than the 5 offers he already has. -@JN_Albano

5:02 pm
This has been the scene all day…and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon!

4:16 pm
Pictures of Coach Hurley’s lecture are now on Facebook! Keep an eye out for the ful recap blog coming soon!

4:01 pm

3:24 pm
One of the most exciting things about the live recruiting period!

3:06 pm

2:41 pm
Every player, no matter who they are or what level they are playing, can get better. Coach Hurley giving everyone great drills to help you do that.

2:02 pm
It has been a great week of competition thus far, but also phenomenal lectures! Tim Legler, Mike Rice and now Hall of Fame coach at St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City, Bob Hurley!

1:43 pm
Got back from lunch and everyone is out on court 1 watching a game that featured Josh Ayeni and Kendrick Gray.

12:34 pm
As campers get ready to head to lunch, they leave us with a lot to take in this morning. One thing was clear for certain-a long day of games yesterday did not leave a hangover effect this morning. We saw some of our best performances of the week this morning. Can’t wait to see what this afternoon and evening have in store for us! –@TheHoopGroup

12:29 pm
From earlier: Taking advantage of no rain this morning during stations!


12:19 pm

12: 04 pm
Hoop Group- where big plays happen

11:40 am
Saul Phiri had a big morning, but will it be enough to make our list of Top Guards of the Day? Wait and find out. And if you missed yesterday’s list, here it is>>

11:12 am
Lot of talent playing right now, lot of eyes watching.

10:56 am
Over 48 Division 1 coaches came out on the opening day of the live recruiting period…that’s a Hoop Group record!

10:03 am

9:36 am
The #BeElite Poll Question of the Day is up! 2 classics, but which is better?

8:51 am
Yesterday there was a lot of excitement with the start of the Division 1 live period. Guys definitely stepped up and showed coaches why they can play. Here our just some of the post players who impressed.

8:31 am
Ready for another full day of basketball here in Reading! A great start to the morning with another great turn out for Early Bird Workout!

July 9th DAY 2

10:31 pm
Games are over for the day! Campers heading back to their dorms and getting rest for another full day tomorrow. As today comes to a close, don’t miss our Top Forwards and Top Guards blogs. We go over some of the guys who we thought played very well. Hope to have you following along tomorrow. Good night!

9:54 pm
Video from earlier…campers warming up before their last game. Tired legs, but still have some hops.

9:44 pm
Here’s a list of those posts who had good days today. Will anyone else be added to the list during this last game set? Wouldn’t surprise us!

9:36 pm

9:03 pm
Coaches everywhere you look!

8:40 pm
Quincy McKnight balled out today. Will he make our list of the days top guards? Look for the blog coming out later tonight to find out.

7:57 PM
Jordan Nwora (Canisius ’16) is playing on Bollman Ct. 3 with several coaches watching. Another player I like in this game is NJ native Walker Wilson, rising senior at Newark Tech. Post player who will go out an grab every rebound for you. –@JN_Albano

7:26 pm
Been awhile since we talked about who has impressed. Let’s take a look…

6:52 pm
More pictures up on Facebook!

6:36 pm
Picture: Peter Kiss and Saul Phiri attracting attention on Bollman Ct. 2. Over on Ct. 3, Ct. 3, Christian Lutete has coaches watching.

6:01 pm

5:22 pm
D1 “live” period has started and coaches are making their way into camp!

4:47 pm
As D1 coaches enter, they will be catching the end of Unique McLean and Nisre Zouzoua play their second games and Saul Phiri and Kendrick Gray start theirs. Not a bad way to start their live periods. –@TheHoopGroup

Half an hour left till the “live” period starts. Here’s our tip…

3:55 pm
Games continue to stay competitive. Tons of close games today. This game goes into overtime thanks to this buzzer beater and isn’t decided until double OT!

3:03 pm
So many coaches here already, and we haven’t even gotten to the “live” periods yet!

2:36 pm
“When you’re successful, sometimes you don’t realize that you aren’t developing” – Coach Mike Rice to the camp.

2:08 pm
Coach Mike Rice speaks to campers about importance of academics. They are just as important as basketball when it comes to playing in college. Two great speakers on the first two days of Elite Camp!

2:04 pm
This past weekend we took a Twitter poll to see how players worked on their game. Here’s a recap of those results. How do you train?

1:27 pm
Quincy McKnight and Zisre Zouzoua are just a few guys that impressed in the last games of the morning set. Way to #BeElite guys!

12:41 pm
In less than 5 hours, Albright College will be flooded with coaches. The anticipation is almost too much!

12:26 pm
We told you this week’s camp way loaded!

12:09 pm
More photos added to our Facebook page! Keep checking, as we will be adding photos all day long.

11:53 am
Peter Kiss (Victory Rock Prep ’16) starting up this week where he left off last, showcasing his great athletic ability.

11:01 am
First set of games ended. Guys came ready to play this morning, especially some of the big guys!

10:27 am
In case you missed it, here’s a recap of Tim Legler’s talk with the camp last night. Truly inspiring words that may have led to so many guys getting up early this morning to work out!

10:01 am
Gametime! Players are warming up and getting ready for the first games of the day.

9:19 am
Here’s our #BeElite Poll Question of the Day. Who’s ready?!

9:05 am
Attendance is taken and stations are under way!

8:19 am
Good morning! we’re back and ready to go for another day of Elite Camp. While we’re just getting started, many campers have been up for an hour already, getting an Early Bird Workout in this morning!

July 8th DAY 1

9:53 pm
That ends day one of Elite Camp. With dozens of highlight reel performances and an inspirational lecture to cap the night, it’s easy to call the first day of camp a complete success. Don’t forget to be on the look out for the player recap coming soon. We also encourage you to check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the full day’s highlights. Hope to have you following back tomorrow!

9:47 pm
Coach Legler inspiring campers to go out and work for their dreams.

9:32 pm
Day one almost over, but first let’s hear from a former NBA player. That’s right, former NBA player Tim Legler lectures the group before the day ends.

8:19 pm

7:46 pm
Guys giving us a lot of high light material plays today. These two took place outside earlier.

The more games we play, the more talent we are seeing, the more excited we are for this week of camp! Bigs, wings, guards…it’s all here.

6:07 pm
Head shots are now on Facebook! Tag yourself! A few more will be uploaded later on.

5:31 pm
Guys came to play today. Even though they are just scrimmages, guys are impressing already!

5:16 pm
New to Elite Camps this summer is our #BeElite Poll of the Day. We’ll ask you a question every morning and you give us your thoughts! Here’s today’s question:

4:20 pm
Big men are easy to spot in a crowded camp, and Elite Camp has a lot of them playing here this week.

3:57 pm
Scrimmages have started! Chance for guys to get their first runs in of the day. Also a chance for us to get our first games on the outdoor courts this summer!

3:16 pm
Stations still going strong, but guys are just about ready for scrimmages to start.

2:52 pm
Campers working on their one on one skills in stations this afternoon.

2:10 pm

1:32 pm
Registration is winding down. Now the real basketball is about to begin! Getting ready for a group welcoming then on to stations! –@TheHoopGroup

1:03 pm

12:36 pm
Another reason to attend Hoop Group Elite Camps: Instruction! You’ll get the best instruction from dozens of college coaches.

11:47 am
One reason to attend Hoop Group Elite Camps: Exposure! Hundreds of college coaches will be in attendance this week as well as many scouting services and media outlets.

11:04 am
Every player will have their head shot taken today when they register. Be sure to look for the album on Facebook and tag yourself!

10:41 am
Lot of excitement for this week, and rightfully so!

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