Love Lost with Carmelo Anthony to Cavs

It seems Carmelo Anthony is still sitting second fiddle in New York, and the Knicks forward came out Monday saying he would drop his no-trade clause to play in the right city. Cleveland has all the appeal in the world to Anthony. All the Cavaliers need to do is trade away one superstar for another. Bye, Kevin Love.

It’s something we’ve heard before when Frank Isola, beat reporter for the Knicks, forecasted the possibility of an Anthony and Love trade. While James called the piece “trash,” it turns out Isola wasn’t far off and wrote the gospel for the free agency move with Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love – Superstar for Superstar

What needs to happen for Carmelo Anthony to stitch the No. 7 on a Cavs jersey?
Anthony brings a price of $26 million, and Cleveland would ultimately need to rid of that before adding the superstar to its tab.
Carmelo Anthony is owed $54.2 over the next two seasons. It goes without saying that the appeal to waive his trade clause, which is 15 percent, is playing with James. The two have a notable friendship off the court. But room must be made to bring in the notable forward. It won’t be James, and you can bet the bank Kyrie Irving isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Cue the Love breakup.

Ridding of Love’s $22.6 million price tag would have Cleveland welcoming Anthony with open arms. The Anthony and Love trade is a simple solution for Cleveland … But not simple for New York.

One major complication to this hypothetical deal is the fit for Love. The Knicks are looking to build around Kristaps Porzingis. The future face of the Garden is going to be best complimented with youth. Love isn’t cheap and won’t necessarily fit with the young guns.

Look for a third-team option moving forward if the Anthony and Love trade moves forward. A three-team trade is complicated in itself. Don’t forget that Cleveland and New York don’t necessarily have their front of the house operations running smoothly.

If we know anything it’s that James calls the shots up there in Cleveland. He often gets what he wants.

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