NBA Draft Lottery Prediction: Denver Nuggets


The NBA Draft is only a few days away, and everybody following is on the edge of their seats waiting to see who will go where. Last minute trades have thrown fans for a ride, and between multiple mock drafts and countless hours of ESPN arguing, no one can say for sure how the Lottery will turn out. Let’s take a closer look at one of the final picks of the Lottery, the Nuggets’. 

The Pick: John Collins – Wake Forest

Other Possible Picks: Zach Collins – Gonzaga, OG Anunoby – Indiana

In 2017, Denver returns to the stage coming off their best season since 2012-2013, much due to the continuing progress of young captain Nikola Jokíc. The 6’10” center anchored down the Nuggets’ defense, and averaged 16.7 points per game with 9.8 boards per game–impressive numbers for a big man as young as Jokíc. The Nuggets will most likely look to build their team again this year around the rising star and the scorers that surround him.

Returning talent will also be crucial for Denver. The Nuggets have not lost much talent in the offseason, if any. Keeping that talent that got them to their best record in five years last year, building off that talent, as well as acquiring a new young prospect from the Draft Lottery are the three key components to another successful season in the Northwest. But more importantly, who will the young prospect be that can lead Denver further?

With Jokíc anchoring down the middle of the court, the Nuggets will look to bolster their outsides. Kenneth Faried is undoubtedly a strong power forward, but he is quickly approaching thirty and only has two full seasons left in his contract including 2017-2018. Looking towards a future without Faried, the Nuggets will likely select a power forward with their pick: John Collins (Wake Forest). Standing at 6’10” with a wingspan even longer, Collins is a force both inside the paint and out. He dominated at Wake Forest, averaging 19.2 points per game, with a .622% field goal percentage. But above all, Collins is still only nineteen. In the next few years it is unlikely he won’t get bigger, faster, and stronger. With the right coaching style and preparation tactics while Faried’s contract expires, Collins can be molded into a threat up and down the court. Look out for the Demon Deacon’s move from North Carolina to the Mile-High City in a few days time.


Andrew McKiernan

Twitter: @andrew_mck11

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