NBA Draft Lottery Prediction: Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics- #3 Pick 2017 NBA Draft

Needs: Wing Scoring, Depth at the 3/4 Position

The Pick: Jayson Tatum

Other Options: Josh Jackson (Kansas), Jonathan Isaac (Florida State)

The Celtics lack of talent on the wing was exposed in their series with the Cavs, when LeBron James absolutely dominated Boston. Granted, he is (arguably) the best player of all-time, the Celtics will need to figure out a way to counter LeBron for the next several years.

Since it is nearly impossible to stop James, the best way for the Celtics to counteract him is to keeping pace with his offensive output. That is why the Celtics are looking to sign Gordon Hayward, and that is why they should take Tatum over Jackson, despite most regarding Jackson as the better talent.

Tatum averaged impressive numbers at Duke, dropping over 16 points per game and hauling in over 7 rebounds. His 6-11 wingspan and slightly larger frame gives him versatility to play the 4 position and add depth to the front-court as well, something that Josh Jackson cannot provide.

Tatum can score in a multitude of ways and has great offensive instincts. He is dangerous driving to the lane or posting up on the block, and he has been making significant strides to improve his outside shooting. Jackson did perform slightly better from beyond the arc, but if there is anything to be learned from the progression of NBA talent, it is that shooting can be taught, while size and instinct are hard to change.


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