Providence Jam Fest Live Blog

Sunday | May 14

3:25 pm

3:20 pm

Congratulations to NE Playaz – Grey on 15u Championship win

3:15 pm

3:07 pm

6’3 Soph Alonzo Linton was 16u Orange All around game MVP

2:58 pm

Congratulations to Expressions Elite; 16u Orange Champions 66-58

2:54 pm


2:54 pm

NE Playaz – Grey takes a 6 pt lead with just under 10 to go

2:54 pm

Just under a min left in 9pt game as Expressions Elite leads NJ Shoreshots 65-56

2:49 pm

2:40 pm 

We R1 Bulldogs leads by two at the half

2:38 pm

2:37 pm

Expressions Elite pull away with 9.37 to go as NJ Shoreshots trail by 12 pts.

2:34 pm

NE Playaz – Grey knock down two to tighten the lead to 3 with 4 to go

2:32 pm

2:31 pm

NE Playaz – Grey on the line with 4.20 left in the half as they trail We R1 Bulldogs by 5

2:27 pm

Expressions Elite lead 26-22 with 14.30 to play

2:26 pm

2:20 pm

NJ Shoreshots down by 6 with 38 seconds to play in the first half of 16u Orange Championship

2:06 pm

NY Extreme Hoop come out with the 64-59 victory over Salvation Army. Well fought match by both teams.

2:02 pm

.20 left of OT with Salvation Army down by 5 with Christopher Crespo on line line

1:59 pm

Time out, NY Extreme Hoops’ ball under the basket with 1.10 left to play

1:58 pm

Nj Shorteshots and Expressions Elite tip off for the 16u Orange division Championship

1:56 pm

Salvation Army ties the game up with a deep 3

1:43 pm

NY Extreme Hoops enters the second half by 1

1:41 pm

Tied game between Salvation Army E. Northport and NY Extreme Hoops with 4:40 to play

1:38 pm

Systems Basketball Club come back to close the game to a 4 pt difference with less than 4 min to play

1:22 pm

Little less than 13 mins left in the battle between Salvation Army E. Northport and NY Extreme Hoops

1:09 pm

17u MVPs

Nate Laszewiski   | .  NE Playaz

Cliff Omoruyl .     |    The Firm

12:53 pm

Congratulations to our 17u Champions, NE Playaz and The Firm

12:50 pm

12:41 pm

Joey Abate-Walsh scored 22 points in a 75 – 40 win over NE gladiators in the 16U blue division

12:38 pm

We have another OT!

12:25 pm

12:17 pm

17u RI Elite defeats The Firm – Silver 71-62.

High scorers from both teams. Ibn Loyal with 20 for The Firm – Silver and Edwin Ezedonmwen with an impressive 38

12:14 pm

York Ballers and The Firm picking up the intensity as the 17u semi comes down to the wire

12:10 pm

12:05 pm

11:56 am

NE Playaz come back to lead DC Blue Devils by 1 with 4.30 to go in the first half

11:50 am

1pt game in 17u semi as HGSL DC Blue Devils lead NE Playaz


11:46 am

York Ballers lead by 5 going into the second half

11:42 am

1 min left in 17u semi final between HGSL’s York Ballers and The Firm. York Ballers lead 22-13

11:36 am

11:35 am 

Games tipping off as we head into our semi final mach ups

11:27 am

11:24 am

Expressions Elite – South leads Middlesex Magic by 2pts with 11 seconds left. Time out, Expressions’ ball under the basket.

11:22 am

less than a min left in matchup between Middlesex Magic and Expressions Elite – South. Middlesex Magic down by 6

11:10 am

NJ Shoreshots Kessler advance to the next round after a 54-44 victory over Mass Rivals

10:55 am

10:50 am

Expressions Elite – South and Middlesex Magic start the second half tied 30-30

10:45 am

10:35 am

10:32 am

Expressions Elite – South and Middlesex Magic tied on court 1 of Rhode Island College Murray Center with 7 min to go in the first half

10:30 am

NJ Shoreshots Kessler lead Mass Rivals by 4pts with just under 6 mins in the first half

10:28 am

10:26 am

Jayden Williams 11u New Jersey Bulldogs racks up 24 pts for the Bulldogs 56-36 victory against Castle

10:25 am

10:17 am

10:13 am


10:01 am

The Firm beats Mass Rivals to advance to 17u Providence Jam Fest Final 4.

9:58 am

9:54 am


9:34 am

DC Blue Devils HGSL lead Castle Athletics by 5 with only 4 mins left in the first half.

9:25 am

Close battle between 17u NE Playaz and Metro Boston as they enter the second half with only a four pt difference

9:24 am

9:13 am

9:09 am

9:01 am

8:52 am

8:45 am

8:05 am

8:00 am

Early Tip off this morning as we kick off Championship Sunday at #ProvidenceJamFest

Saturday | May 13

9:12 pm

Tied game between Revo Sports and NE Gladiators with 5 to go

9:07 pm

50-47 battle between Middlesex Magic and Gauchos with 11 to play

9:01 pm 

Battle breaking out on court 2 RIC Rec

8:53 pm

Playaz pulling away with a 20 pt lead over DC Blue Devils

8:47 pm

Revo Sports lead NE Gladiators by 1 with 6 mins left in the half.

8:43 pm

Middlesex Magic leads the Gauchos 27-13 with 7 mins left in the half

8:36 pm

DC Blue Devils go on a run to close the gap to a 3pt Playaz lead

8:31 pm

8:30 pm

Playaz Grey lead DC Blue Devils 15-6 in the middle of the first half

8:28 pm

8:20 pm

8:10 pm

8:03 pm

7:40 pm

7:36 pm

TCNJ at RIC Rec recruiting some talent

7:26 pm

Expressions Elite-South and Castle Athletics about to kick off the second half of a close, 25-28 game.

7:21 pm

Final: 57-54 WrightWay Skills

7:18 pm

WrightWay Skills up by 3 with 4 seconds to go, CM3 with a time-out


missed three-point play opportunity from the line; score remains with 25 seconds


CM3 on the line with 45 seconds to go | 56-54 WrightWay Skills

6:43 pm

6:35 pm

After a double overtime, Mass Rivals take the 52-50 victory over Early Risers

6:33 pm

50-52 with 12 seconds left between Early Risers and Mass Rivals


WrightWay Skills and CM3 tied at the half 22-22.



6:13 pm



5:20 pm

5:00 pm

Chevon foreman scored 20 pts for East Coast Prep in an 82-67 win over East Coast Prep.

4:50 pm

4:40 pm

Terrell Brown and Matt Corey had great performances for DC Blue Devils u16 win.

4:20 pm

4:18 pm


3:20 pm

3:00 pm

2:57 pm

16u Wahad Johnson scored 23 points for Riverside Church Hawks in 69-68 loss to All For One.

2:50 pm



1:42 pm

1:40 pm

1:30 pm

1:25 pm

1:21 pm

1:12 pm

1:10 pm

1:00 pm

12:50 pm

87-47 win for York Ballers, one of our HGSL teams, in game one. Next game, 3

12:47 pm

12:36 pm

NY Extreme Hoops leads East Coast Prep by 2 at the half

12:30 pm

12:27 pm

12:15 pm

R1 Breakers beat New Day by only 2 points; team effort with almost the entire roster contributing offensively.

12:05 pm

Third game set warming up at RIC REC

court 1 | NY Extreme Hoops vs East Coast Prep

court 2 | Middlesex Magic vs Salvation Army E. Northport

court 3 | The Firm vs RI Breakers

12:00 pm

11:44 am

11:34 am

11:24 am

10:50 am

10:45 am

-Exciting game between the Middlesex Magic and the New England Playaz to start off the day. Both teams traded baskets all game, but the Magic came out on top with a clutch 61-58 win.

10:30 am

9:45 am

First round of games tip off for Providence Jam Fest 2017.