Rasheen Caulk: Junior Elite Player of the Day

Rasheen Caulk2021
Team Future (PA)

Scouting Report: Rasheen has the skill set, length, and athleticism needed to be successful at the next level.  He is one of the top combo guards in his class, given his ability to get out in transition and use his size and IQ to set up his teammates and finish around the rim.  Rasheen is able to knock down jumpers from 3 and off of pull ups, making him one of the toughest defensive assignments out there.  Defensively, he does not just rely on his length and athleticism but commits to that end of the floor.  Rasheen is one of our favorites giving his two way commitment to the game and the intensity he competes with on a regular basis.

Events Attended: Turkey Tip Off, Hoop Group Skills Camp, Shooting Camp, Philly Jr. Elite, among others.

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