What Should I Do If I Don’t Make My School Basketball Team?

There are many boys and girls across the state that will make their school teams this winter. There also will be a group that will get the news that they didn’t make the final roster. So often kids in this situation panic and feel their basketball career is over. This is never the case.

As someone who has been cut from a team as a youth basketball player, I know the pain first hand. I also know that hard work and desire can turn things around. Just ask Michael Jordan, who was cut from his high school team. I was no Michael Jordan but I did eventually lead NYC in scoring, named to All-American team in college, and played in the D3 national championship game. So I know dreams can come true, but there a few things a player who has not made the team do!

1. SPEAK TO THE COACH– Find out why you didn’t make the team. Ask the coach to give you a list of areas you need to improve on.
2. STAY CONNECTED– Become a manager of the team, go to games, be a practice player. These type things will allow you to get to know the coaches better, learn the teams system and allow you to get to know your future teammates better
3. EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME– Watch tape, go to clinics. If you can shoot from 10 feet, learn to shoot from 15 ft., if you know 3 ball handling drills, learn a new one.
4. JOIN ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS– There are instructional programs and CYO/Rec leagues for players not on school teams. Be proactive!
5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF– Don’t listen to the naysayers. Keep working hard and believe in yourself.

If you are participant of Hoop Group programs or not please do not hesitate to use me as a resource for questions and concerns about anything related to your game. You can email me at Tiny@hoopgroup.com

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