Jr Elite Weekend – Stars that Shined!


An exciting weekend at Hoop Group Skills Jr. Elite Camp brought out the best in all who attended. From the large turnout at the early bird workout, to the high-energy play exhibited in both stations and games, campers went through an intense basketball regimen that seemed to have a positive impact on all. If you missed this week’s camp, there is still time to register for our second Jr. Elite Camp later in the summer from August 15 – 16.


Jalloh, Umar

Umar Jalloh | 6-4 | Harlem, NY | 2018

At 6-4 The Harlem, NY product uses his size well on the court. Throughout camp Jalloh, who plays AAU ball for Riverbank State Park, consistently finished around the basket and showed skill in passing the ball ahead to kick start the transition game. He capped his time here at camp by being named co-MVP of the NBA Division.

Paz, Justin

Justin Paz | 5-4 | Allentown, PA | 2019

Paz took control on the floor from the opening whistle of camp. His ability to make the open shot and knock down 3-pointers complimented his ball distribution. He also ran the point well and at the right times picked up his speed to push the ball down the court. He plays AAU ball for ESYC Elite.

Justin Paz 6

Ndiaye, Amadou

Amadou Ndiaye | 6-4 | Harlem, NY | 2018

Joining his Riverbank State Park teammate Jalloh on the list, Ndiaye displayed a talented handle for his size, at times even bringing the ball up the floor. He was a force in the paint, blocking shots with regularity, and on offense was even able to step behind the arc and nail the occasional three.

Amadou Ndiaye 6

Charles, Noah

Noah Charles | 5-2 | Potomac, MD | 2021

One of the most coachable players in camp, Charles seems to get better every day. His solid play off the dribble, and the ease in which he could catch and shoot. helped to earn him a spot on this list. Charles also seemed to possess a solid mid- to long-range jumper.

 Roach, Jeremy

Jeremy Roach | 5-6 | Leesburg, VA | 2020

The Northern Virginia product was a quiet leader on the court. He was able to score the basketball in a variety of ways and played well on the wing. His length helped to set him apart from other seventh graders at camp and he showcased a smooth athleticism over the two days.

 Williams, Shai

Shai Williams| 5-7 | Harlem, NY | 2018

The third Riverbank State Park player to find his name here, Williams played with an aggressive style and was an excellent on-the-ball defender. During his team’s games he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, but he also knew what to do in that situation, whether it was to score, pass or set a pick which earned him the Floor General Award

 Talley, Romey

Romey Talley | 5-10 | Plainfield, NJ | 2018

Talley was dominant in every facet of his game on his way to earning co-MVP honors in the NBA Division. The buzz around camp started during the first game set when it was noticed that Talley, a righty, was shooting, and making, all of his free throws left-handed. Based on that, it came as no surprise that he was strong at finishing with either hand. He was also very quick on defense and when he did force a turnover, his burst of speed jump started his team’s fast breaks.All of the above would garner most attention, but when he went out and nailed six 3-pointers in one game, it became clear that St. Joe’s – Metuchen (NJ) will be getting a special player in the fall.

romey talley 1

Thurlow, IanIan Thurlow | 5-10 | Brooklyn, NY | 2019

Among the strongest players in camp, the Brooklyn Patriots AAU product, never shied away from attacking the rim. On the offensive side, his strength allowed for several second-chance points while on defense he kept the paint clear of his opponents.

 Whyte, Jahson

 Jahson “Chico” Whyte | 6-5 | Allentown, PA | 2019

The tallest player in camp, Whyte was a force in the post, blocking shots with ease, but really shined when he displayed his mid-range jumper. While he clearly used his size to his advantage, it was his knack for doing the little things, such as setting solid picks at the top of the key before dropping into the paint for an easy lay-up, and how he talked on the floor, calling out screens for example, which had several coaches admiring his play.


Zahree Harison | 5-3 | Philadelphia, PA | 2020

Ran the point above and beyond many others at camp, and for this, Harrison copped the ACC Division’s Floor General Award. Not only did he seem to grab a quick handle on the strengths of his teammates, knowing who and when to pass the ball to in every situation, he was also very strong at protecting the ball and rarely turning it over or making mental mistakes.

Harmon, Zion

Zion Harmon | 5-4| Bethesda, MD | 2021

The Team Glory dynamic guard made a huge splash at the Jr Elite Weekend. With his highlighting passes and his shooting range that extended way past the arc earned him the MVP of the ACC.  When this young man is on fast break running downhill there isn’t much any defense can do. With AAU nationals around the corner and Jr Elite II Weekend in August, I doubt this is the last we are talking about Mr. Harmon.


 Zion Harmon, Noah Charles, Dakari Bradford, Jenkins Dormu share their #HGskills camp experience with Ryan Finch





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