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Every parent has questions and concerns before sending their child away to overnight camp. Since 1963, Hoop Group Skills Camp has provided a fun and safe learning environment for both boys and girls basketball players.

Here are 10 reasons why you should sign up today and give your child the basketball experience and life-long memories of Hoop Group Skills Camp!

What kind of experience will my child have at camp?

  • Meet kids from across the country and throughout the world.
    Last summer had players from 30 states and 15 countries!
  • Your child will meet new friends on the court, in the dining hall, at the pool, in the game, and in their bunk
  • Your child will be coached by someone from a different city or state. They will be coached by someone with experience at various levels of basketball, who love to teach the game and have a passion for helping players develop.

Is basketball camp a place for my child to develop on and off the court?

  • Camp is the first time away from home for most kids
  • Interaction with different coaches and teachers from all over the world
  • Develop basketball skills on the court, as well as life skills off the court
  • Learn to work with others, especially from different backgrounds
  • Have responsibility to a team/group
  • Learn how to set goals and the way to work towards achieving them


Who is directing the camp?

  • 2 full-time camp directors on campus 24 hours a day, dedicated to working year round to provide an unforgettable basketball camp experience.
  • Basketball backgrounds include playing and coaching at the high school & college level.
  • Skills directors have coached players including High School and College All-Americans, as well as overseas professionals.

Who are the full time staff?

  • Coaches are high school, prep school, and college coaches
  • Certified Athletic Trainer on staff 24 hours a day
  • Certified Lifeguard during pool hours
  • Full-Time Cook to work with dietary needs

What does the Teaching Program involve?

  • Station Work & Skill Development: start everyday conquering the fundamentals of the game. Receive two separate skill workouts each day.
  • Games: Use the skills learned during skill workouts and apply them in the real and quality game situations. Games vary from man-to-man defense, zone defense, and 4-dribble max, etc.
  • Lectures from world renowned coaches and players. Hoop Group brings some of the top coaches in the country to speak to campers about their basketball development
  • Optional Early Bird Workouts every morning before breakfast
  • 55th summer of camp: longest running overnight basketball camp in the U.S.
Hoop Group Skills Camp is known as the top teaching camp in the US

Hoop Group Skills Camp is known as the top teaching camp in the US

What is the setting like at camp?

  • 35 acres campground
  • 38 cabins
  • Air Conditioned Dining Hall
  • In-ground pool with games/activities
  • Game Room
  • 15 outdoor courts, including 2 covered courts, overlooked by the Pocono Mountains
  • Isolated and distraction free with a 100% focus on basketball

What are your child’s accommodations at camp?

  • At Skills Camp, campers will stay in a cabin with a group of friends. The typical cabin holds anywhere from 8-10 campers. For bigger groups, there are 2 cabins that hold 14-16 campers. Campers are placed with other players within their age bracket. We accept roommate requests, so you can come with a friend and stay together!
  • Air-Conditioned Dining Hall, where campers meet 3 times a day for family style meals
  • 4 Public Restrooms, with private, individual showers and stalls.

How often are meals provided at camp?

  • Campers are fed 3 meals a day, by full time cook/chef, with a  salad bar option during meals
  • In between meals, campers are welcome to visit the canteen, where they can purchase additional snacks/drinks using their canteen card.
  • Our chef works with campers meals with special needs (food allergies, etc)
  • We have a great partnership with Gatorade, which provides campers with water and Gatorade coolers at the courts!

Is your child safe at camp?

  • Skills Camp has a certified athletic trainer on staff 24 hours a day
  • Emergency defibrillator on hand at all times, which trainer and camp directors are trained to use
  • 2 camp directors on staff 24 hours a day, both are CPR certified.
  • Lifeguard on duty during pool hours.
  • Night time security guard who patrols campus
  • Attendance taken 5 times throughout a typical camp day


Will my child have an opportunity to have fun at camp?

  • Have fun while playing basketball
  • Enjoy a break hanging with your new friends in the game room
  • Relax in the pool during your downtime
  • Play cornhole and games by the pool
  • Make new friendships that will last a lifetime!


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our directors and get more information.

Year-Round Camp Directors:
Mike Murray (murray@hoopgroup.com)

Megan Cunningham (megan@hoopgroup.com)
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