Skills Clinics

POCONO 2011 1002


Hoop Group Skills Staff offers a great program for instruction at the youth basketball level.

Throughout the year, Hoop Group Skills Camp offers clinics from September until May. The directors of the Hoop Group will travel to your gym and run the clinic for your team. Talk to us, tell us what you want to work on? If you are a team that needs to work on ball handling, shooting, defense, just let us know. We will cater the clinic to you and your team. If you don’t have any specific requests, we will run an overall skills clinic and give you a taste of what we offer at our over night summer camps in the Poconos.

Every year the Hoop Group runs hundreds of clinics and would be excited to set one up with you and your program.


Testimonial from Brent Kephart (Delaware Valley Basketball League)

“Hoop Group Skills,

Thank you for attending the DVBL practice for our 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade teams and coaches.  I had simply asked for some drills/ideas to better prepare these teams, and was expecting an e-mail perhaps with a few attachments of drills that we could run.  Instead, you offered to come out and work with us face to face! This was a huge benefit to us, because not only did the kids get a chance to see the drills for themselves, but the coaches also learned the key points to emphasize at this young age- fun, dynamic, challenging practices to keep the kids engaged.  This was a huge benefit to our program, and something that will certainly pay off for us!  I am sure you will see some of our kids (and coaches!) at Hoop Group camps/Father son weekends!

Well done, Thanks!”