St. Anthony’s is Unique

In a recent interview with Dave Krupinski of “St.Anthony2020”, our very own Rob Kennedy had some very inspiring words to say about the history and tradition that exists at St. Anthony’s in Jersey City. He talked about Coach Bob Hurley’s reputation, the winning culture of the program, and what St. Anthony’s meant to him growing up as a basketball player.

I’ve had 12 years of Catholic education and besides preparing me very well educationally, it was a foundation for me the rest of my life. The benefit of a Catholic school education is tremendous. In particular at St. Anthony serving Jersey City and inner city population it is even more important. It gives kids an avenue, an opportunity to excel in the classroom and put themselves in a position to go to college and change the direction of their lives. One of the things about St. Anthony is so much attention obviously on their basketball program but the fact that each of their seniors goes on to attend college is even more remarkable than the national record of state championships that this tiny little school in Jersey City has done.
-Rob Kennedy, President of The Hoop Group

You can read the full transcript here.

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