Great Point Guard Checklist

This Sunday we will conduct our annual Point Guard Clinic. Pure point guards are hard to find. A good point guard could be the difference between winning and losing. Most point guards today think score first, pass second and there are plenty of reasons for this.

When you pick up the papers what is the first thing you see?

Who scored the most points. What about when they interview the coach who does he or she talk about 90% of the time? You got it… the leading scorer! So point guards today think points first and passing 2nd.

Let me give you a great example of what I’m talking about. Mary Kate Caverly could be the most valuable player on the Shore Conference #1 ranked team (RBC). However little is said or written about her. She is capable of having big scoring nights as she proven this year but her real strength is running the team and getting the ball to her teammates in the proper spot for open comfortable shots. When RBC beat SJV in the final second with a great out of bounds play as the horn sounded, what did people talk about? Fallon’s game winning bucket…what did people not talk about? The great pass to set it all up, by no other than Mary Kate Caverly! But when do you hear Caverly’s name come up when we talk about the top players? Rarely…WHY? Because we only talk about the leading scorers!

The Point Guard Clinic Sunday February 10th is always fun for me because it really exposes who has really been taught the position. The mental toughness needed, the basketball IQ required, the ability to handle the ball under pressure and the ability to defend the position are some of the qualities all good points guards have. This Sunday we will try and do our job and teach future point guard some of these skill sets.


1. Take Care of the Ball-They can handle traps and ball pressure
2. Vocal Leaders– They talk to their Coach and teammates constantly
3. Flatters Teammates– They instill confidence in teammates with positive words
4. Temperature Takers– They know when their team needs energy or Composure
5. Thick Skin– They understand coaches bark at them to energized teammates
6. Delivers– They create good shots for their teammates with passing and screening
7. Feeds the Post– This is a LOST art but all the good Point Guards possess this skill
8. Defend– They can defend their man and pressure opponents
9. Understands Clock and Situation– They know when to go and when to stop
10. Knock Down Shots– They knock down shots to keep the defense honest
11. Free Throws– They want the ball late in games because they can make free throws
12. Finish– Good point guards finish at the rim from any angle
13. Risk Factor– They know when to break the team offense, without hurting the team’s flow
14. Winning– Good Point Guards put winning over personal attention

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